• SmartPack and SmartSwitch UI Locking Options

    If you need to lock out the front panel of a SmartPack or SmartSwitch you have several options depending on your needs and the type and version of SmartPack you have.

    First, SmartPacks (Wall Mount and Portable) running software version 2.04 or greater (most packs shipped after October 2007) have a User Interface Lockout "Code" built into the software. To lockout a SmartPack you can press and hold the [+] and [-] buttons at the same time for five seconds. To unlock the front panel, repeat the process.  For more information see the SmartPack User Manual .  Please note that that this lockout method does not work on a SmartSwitch.

    Second, there is a cover available for the user interface of the SmartPack Wall Mount and the SmartSwitch. The cover sits over the entire user interface (with holes to reveal the DMX and power LEDs) and is held in place by the covers above and below the user interface. The standard part number for the cover is 7021A3107 (WM SMTPK UI COVER PLATE).