• Quick Setup (Typically Used in Touring and Portables)-Public

    Quick Setup

    Easy quick way to set up the CEM3.

    • [Quick Setup] is in the bottom left corner. Scroll down using the scroll pad until [Quick Setup] is highlighted. Push [Enter].
    • if Quick Setup does not appear on the front screen hit [setup] and scroll down through the menu.

    • To select any of the words above, scroll over the words you want and push [Enter] to change it as needed.
    • Note: Patching for all ports will start with the First Dimmer entered on this screen.
    • After completing the quick setup, continue on to set dimmer module types (in dimmers) and patching (in patching). Both options are under the [Setup].

    If you have any questions regardingDimmer Doubling<---- Click the link.