• Loading a Custom ColorSource Profile

    Getting Started

    Insert a USB thumb drive into your computer. Open ColorSource Edit and create your custom profile.

    Step-by-Step Process

    1. Click “Save for Console”
    2. Choose the USB drive’s root directory to save your file
    3. Ensure that the file’s name is “userlib.jlib” (DO NOT RENAME)
    4. Insert the USB drive into your ColorSource console
    5. Go to “Patch”
    6. Go to “Add Device”
    7. Click “Standard Library” to drop down a menu then click “User Library”
    8. Select your profile and hit “Accept”

    You have now installed your custom profile onto your ColorSource console.

    Step-Based Pictures

    (Step 1) Save for Console button

    Step 1

    (Step 5) Go to “Patch”

    Step 5

    (Step 6) Go to “Add Device”

    Step 6

    (Step 7) Click “Standard library” then click “User Library”

    Step 7