• How to Convert a SmartPack from 3-Phase to Single Phase  

    This article describes how to convert a SmartPack to from a 3-Phase feed to a Single-Phase feed. We define a 3-Phase feed as 3 Hot legs, Neutral and Ground. We define a Single-Phase feed as 2 Hot lets, neutral and Ground.

    Both Portable and Wall Mount SmartPacks easily switch from single phase to three phase operation, or vice-versa, by moving the power feed wires from the L2 terminal in the pack to the L1 and L3 lugs on the power board. Each SmartPack ships with a document including illustrations for this purpose.

    A quick summary of the wire placements for both modes:

    Power Feed
    Wires on Each Terminal
    3 Phase
    1A, 1B
    2A, 2B
    3A, 3B
    Single Phase
     1A, 1B, 2A 
     2B, 3A, 3B 

    If wired incorrectly, your SmartPack dimmers may not fade properly or may jump to full when set at a low level. No worries, this just means that you didn't properly configure your pack for single or 3 phase operation.

    The SmartPack will operate within a voltage range of 85-140VAC, 47-63Hz. This will allow the SmartPack to be used in countries with a power cycle of 50Hz.

                      Single Phase Setup                                                              3 Phase Setup

      Single Phase Setup           3 Phase Setup