• Echo Preset Limitations

    Echo Output products (Relay Panels, Zone Controllers, and other Power Controllers) support a minimum of 8 presets. Different Output products may support larger numbers of presets, as follows:

    Output ProductNumber of Presets
    Echo 1- and 2-Zone Relay Controller 8 Presets
    Echo 1- and 2-Zone w/ 0-10v Controller 8 Presets
    Echo 1- and 2-Zone SmartSpace Controller 8 Presets
    Echo Phase-Adaptive Dimmer (120v and 277v)8 Presets
    Echo Room Controller (4- and 8-Zone)16 Presets
    Echo Contact Output Interface16 Presets 
    Echo DMX Scene Controller32 Presets 
    Echo Relay Panel Feed-Thru (ERP-FT) 64 Presets
    Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed (ERP) 64 Presets
    EchoDIN Power Control Processor 64 Presets
    Echo Architectural Control Processor (in Unison DRd) 64 Presets
    Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System64 Presets
    CEM3 Power Controller128 Presets

    An Echo “Output Product" is a power controller that can store preset levels for the outputs it drives.  Output Products are controlled by Echo “Control Products” such as button stations and light sensors.

    Echo Devices that activate presets default to starting at Preset 1 but can be changed to have a different starting number.

    - A Device that can only activate a single preset (such as an Occupancy Sensor) can be programmed to activate any preset number up to 64.
    - A Device that can activate one of several presets may be programmed to start so that its last preset is as high as 64. For example, a 10-button station’s first preset can be set as high as 55 so that it controls presets 55 - 64. A 4-button station’s first preset can be set as high as 61 so that it controls presets 61 – 64.

    - All Echo Output Products have default levels for these presets pre-recorded.  Preset 1 = All Zones at 100%, Preset 2 = All Zones at 75%, Preset 3 = All Zones at 50%, Preset 4 = All Zones at 25%.  This cycle repeats itself every 4 presets, so Preset 5 = All Zones at 100%, Preset 6 = All Zones at 75%, etc.  The Echo Contact Output Interface is an Exception to this rule.  For this product, all Odd numbered Presets, when activated, will close all relay outputs and all even numbered Presets, when activated, will open all relay outputs.

    If  you have any questions or concerns about the above information, please contact ETC Technical Services.