ARC Recessed

LED lighting at its finest

The Pro One-Cell luminaire provides high-quality light and smooth dimming for short- to medium-throw applications. With a lumen output of more than 1200, CRI over 90, and a variety of color-temperature and beam-spread options, the Pro One-Cell is a must-have for single-cell LED installations. Pro One-Cell luminaires boast convection cooling, noisless operation and stepless dimming.

1-Cell Recess

Recessed solutions

The Pro One-Cell recessed luminaire comes in both fixed and adjustable recessed options, making it ideal for subtle, recessed lighting in a range of intimate spaces such as lobbies, concert halls, art galleries and museums.

Installing in new construction or in a dropped ceiling? Use the optional ArcSystem Recessed Ceiling Bracket.

1-Cell Yoke

Surface-mount solutions

The Pro One-Cell Yoke is a surface-mount solution that delivers the quality performance of the larger multi-cell luminaires in a form factor that fits in small spaces.

1-cell fixed

Installation is easy with ArcMesh wireless technology

Pro One-Cell luminaires require a direct connection to the ArcMesh Driver, which allows them to be dimmed using either traditional wired-DMX network connections or the onboard ArcMesh protocol. The ArcMesh Transmitter helps connect to your luminaire to the ArcMesh wireless network by turning wired DMX into wireless ArcMesh signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.