• Product Name

    ColorSource Relay

    Transforming small system design

    No longer will you need to run DMX cables to your front-of-house lighting positions. The ColorSource™ Relay is a revolutionary wireless power control solution that switches power and easily transmits DMX to remote or hard-to-reach places. It receives wireless DMX signals and automatically enables power switching and DMX for up to 16 amps of power. The ColorSource Transmitter connects to hard-wired DMX and sends wireless DMX to any ColorSource Relay within 328-feet (100-meters). LEDs on the body of the relay indicate status, such as power, relay state, DMX presence and signal strength, giving you insight into the connectivity of your lighting system. Best of all, they require minimal setup and zero programming before use. Simply take them out of the box, plug them in and your new relay system is fully operational!

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