SmartBar 2

SmartBar 2

Next-generation dimming

SmartBar 2 gives you next-generation dimming for portable or permanent installations... without busting your budget. It provides an integrated dimming and fixture-mounting solution for compact, low-power applications, such as rentals, industrials or even small touring productions.   

Set up your system in minutes and light like a pro - just plug in and play anytime, anywhere. Schools, houses of worship, community theaters and outdoor events will benefit from SmartBar 2's easy setup. No ladder necessary!

SmartBar 2

SmartBar 2 is fully digital, with operational and programming features similar to SmartPack® - sequences (chases), choice of dimmer curves - as well as many new features. And the console is optional thanks to SmartBar 2's chases and local control, but pair it with a SmartFade® lighting control console and you have the perfect production combination!  

Available with more power! A SmartBar 2 high-power option is available to handle twice the fixtures on a four-circuit bar!    

Product Features 

  • Convection cooled 
  • Fixture mount 
  • Easy focus 
  • Top- or bottom-feed 
  • Up to 1200W max per output 
  • Easy reset 
  • RDM-enabled 
  • DMX512A with RDM remote addressing 
  • Graphic level display 
  • Quick setup menus 
  • Button shortcut for manual control 
  • User-selectable dimmer curves 
  • 20 chases (preprogrammed sequences)