iRFR & iRFR Preview

iRFR and iRFR Preview

ETC's iRFR application - supported by Eos®-family and Cobalt®-family consoles, Eos and Ion® Remote Processor Units and the Cobalt Light Server - can be downloaded from the iTunes store to provide touchscreen-based remote control from wherever you are in your venue. Of course, you need a closed wireless network!

iRFR and iRFR Preview

Since anyone can download this software and no factory hardware is required, security controls are provided to prohibit unauthorized access to your lighting control system. The application requires iPhone software 2.0 or higher and iTunes 8.0+.

Eos/Ion software v1.7 or Element software v1.6 or higher, or Congo v6.1/Cobalt v7.0 or higher is required for use of the iRFR on those platforms.

All proceeds from iRFR application sales are donated to the Behind the Scenes (BTS) program, which benefits professionals in the entertainment technology field who are seriously ill or injured.

Download the BTS application

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