SmartSpace Controller

SmartSpace Controller

Control fluorescent dimming ballasts & LED drivers wirelessly    

The wireless Unison Aero SmartSpace Controller offers a fully-rated 20A relay to switch lights on and off. Its 0-10V dimming lines provide direct connection to compatible LED drivers and fluorescent dimming ballasts. When a light switch is pressed once, the SmartTap Sensors and SmartClick Stations wirelessly direct the controller to turn light levels all the way on or off. When the switch is held down, the stations signal the controller to raise or lower lighting levels for a gradual dim.  

The controller mounts to fixtures and electrical junction boxes. The Aero SmartSpace Controller can power any auxiliary device - like an occupancy sensor - through its 24V supply, and receive dry contact input from it.

Product Features 

  • Used with wireless and battery-free SmartClick stations and SimpleTap sensors 
  • 0-10V dimming lines for direct connection to dimming ballasts 
  • 24VDC for wired occupancy sensors  
  • Accepts contact closure trigger 
  • 1/2-inch knockout mount to junction box 
  • 120/277V and 120/347V versions 
  • 24V supply to power any auxiliary device