SmartClick Station

SmartClick Station

Lighting control wherever you need it.  

Power at your fingertips.  Unison Aero SmartClick Stations are run by the push of a button - no battery required. Using the energy created by your touch, the stations send a signal to a matching wireless controller to turn your lights on and off instantly. And that's not all - if your controller has dimming capabilities, just hold the button longer and the lighting level will raise or lower in response.

SmartClick Station

Simple. Wireless. Batteryfree.  

Aero SmartClick Stations go where no standard lighting switches go.  There are no wires to hook up and no backbox, so you're free to place a station anywhere you need one. The stations come in stylish single- and dual-rocker versions that can be affixed to the wall or another surface, or used portably, not attached to any object. They work with standard decorator faceplates so the SmartClick Stations can match existing lighting switches, or you can create a completely new control location.   

Once the Aero SmartClick Stations are installed, there is no maintenance required. You never have to swap out a spent battery, and the stations will continue to work through millions of clicks.

Unison Aero SmartClick Stations are the perfect fit for hotels, schools, health care facilities, office buildings, warehouses, retail outlets, and more.

Product Features 

  • Single- and double-switch stations  
  • Single- and multiple-gang options 
  • Wireless and battery-free 
  • Peel and stick flexibility 
  • Powered by You™ kinetic energy harvesting 
  • Fits standard decorator faceplates 
  • Available in cream, ivory, black, white, brown and almond