SimpleTap Light Sensor

SimpleTap Light Sensor

Use the light around you for maximum energy savings  

You don't want to waste resources lighting a room that is already well-lit. The Aero SimpleTap Light Sensor measures the amount of available light from natural sources - like sunshine streaming through a window - to adjust the output of electrical lighting sources in a space. As the sun sets or the sky outside a window becomes cloudy, the SimpleTap Light Sensor will trigger the controller to raise the light levels to keep the room as bright as needed. It also allows the controller to perform dimming and switching based on the light detected.  

Put the sensor where you need it.  The Aero SimpleTap Light Sensor is wireless, battery-free and can be taped on or screwed into whatever surface is most convenient for you. Its low-profile design will not detract from your venue's aesthetics. And the sensor itself runs on solar power, so there are no energy costs associated with its operation.  

Product Features 

  • Subtly measures light levels 
  • Wireless and battery-free 
  • Peel and stick flexibility 
  • Powered by Light™ solar power 
  • Available in white