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Touchscreen Monitors: Revision #16

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Touchscreen Monitors

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Touchscreen Monitors



Eos, Gio, Ion, Element, Net3 RVIs, and Eos/Ion RPUs support external touchscreens, as do Congo, Congo jr, Congo Kid, and Congo Lightserver running version 5+ software.

Gio consoles have different guidelines for touchscreens, which will be published shortly.

Some ELO touchscreens are compatible. Since ELO model #s can be imprecise and change often, ETC does not specify a particular model. Instead we offer the following specifications:

  • ELO Accu-touch 5 wire resistive touch technology
  • An USB interface
  • All console products can support as many touchscreens as they support monitors, or mixed combinations of touchscreen and standard monitors.
  • Video Interface:
    • For Ion, Element, Congo Kid, and later Congo Jr consoles (which do not have a DVI splitter), the following configurations are supported:
      • Dual DVI Monitors
      • Single DVI Monitor
      • Single VGA Monitor (Monitor 1) & Single DVI Monitor (Monitor 2)
      • Single VGA Monitor
    • For original Congo consoles, monitors must have a VGA interface.
    • For all other compatible products, VGA or DVI are acceptable.
  • Resolution:
    • For Element, Eos, Ion, Eos RPU, Ion RPU, & Net3 RVI running Eos/Ion, monitors should have a minimum resolution of 1280x1024.
    • For Congo, Congo Kid, Congo jr, Congo Lightserver, & Net3 RVI running Congo, monitors should have a minimum resolution of 1024x768.


ETC has a 19" Touchscreen monitor available for purchase through their dealer network. The current part number for this monitor is SGM1191 which superceded an older part # (M231).

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