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KnowledgeBase: Express/Expression Net2 Node in Net1 mode

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Kelsey Aleckson
on 06-18-2009
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KnowledgeBase: Express/Expression Net2 Node in Net1 mode This page is locked to prevent further edits


If a Net2 node is being used in Net1 mode are the ports assignable, as they would be in Net1 mode?


In Net1 mode, the ports of the node emulate the DMX ports on the console.  For example, a 4 port node when connected to an Express console would output two separate universes of DMX via Port 1 and Port 2.  These are addressed, just as the port on the console would be addressed i.e. Port 1 is addressed as dimmers 1-512 and Port 2 would be addressed as dimmers 513-1024.

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