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KnowledgeBase: Connecting Congo and Eos-Family Consoles to a Visualiser

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KnowledgeBase: Connecting Congo and Eos-Family Consoles to a Visualiser

Eos/Gio/Ion/Element Console Settings

Eos-Family consoles output both Net2 (EDMX) and Net3 (sACN/E1.31) levels via ethernet. As these protocols are enabled by default, you will likely not need to enable them, but if so they are available in the Settings menu of the Eos/Ion/Element welcome screen.

When using Offline on a PC, you will need to enable output. When starting Eos Family Offline, you will be given the options to start Offline or as a Client, as well as a Settings button.

NOTE: If you are running a Mac, output in offline mode is not currently supported.  The recommended workaround is to use a Windows in Bootcamp, if configured, or utilize a PC with a Windows installation.

Open the Settings menu, then navigate to the Network section. Ensure that ACN and Net2 are enabled and defaulted.


Also tick the Enable Output in Offline Mode box - this will send these Network protocols whilst offline. It is normal to see a slow refresh rate and occasional dropouts while outputting offline. You will be asked to confirm this option each time Offline is launched. Note that if you are using a Console, this setting is not needed.

Congo/Jr/Kid Console Settings

Congo consoles can output both Net2 (EDMX) and Net3 (sACN/E1.31) levels via ethernet.
Ensure the correct protocol is enabled in the Congo System Settings menu.

For Congo Offline from a PC, you must also tick "Enable Output in Offline Mode"

The enabled ethernet protocols and the selected IP address are shown top-right of the Welcome screen.

If your PC has multiple network cards (as seen above), you will also need to select the correct network card in System Settings. This must match your choice in the visualisation software.

Connecting to Capture www.capturesweden.com

Capture can receive both Net2 (EDMX) and Net3 (sACN/E1.31) levels via ethernet.
The latest version of Capture Polar reads "ratified" sACN/E1.31.

In the Tools menu of Capture, select Options. Navigate to the Connectivity tab, and select your network interface card if required. Note that depending upon your PC's configuration, a setting of Automatic may not work; in this case select the appropriate adaptor.

A valid network link is required to receive sACN, even if the source is another application on the same PC.
This means a standalone PC will require either an active connection to an ethernet switch or the "Loopback Adapter" to be installed.

Following a restart, open your existing project or start a new one.

In the Project Window, you will see a tab showing Universes. You should see both BSR E1.31 and ETCNet2 Universes, assuming you have any dimmers patched on your console.

Capture executable (presentation) files should also receive these network levels. Note that you may need to install the Capture application in order to use its network adaptor selection tools. Capture is available for download from the Capture website, www.capturesweden.com.

Connecting to Wysiwyg www.castlighting.com

See also: http://www.cast-soft.com/wysiwyg/tip/view/connecting-to-edmx-networks

Capture can receive Net2 (EDMX) levels via ethernet.

In the Options menu of Wysiwyg, select Application Options and then navigate to the ETC Interface tab. Ensure that
"Allow EDMX reception" is ticked, and that the ETCNet2 Version is set to V4. Note: You must restart Wysiwyg
after making this change. You also must be an Administrator on the computer.

EDMX reception has been reported to not function in release 23 and lower under Vista. Contact Cast Lighting for any updates.

You may need to run an application called NICPicker, which may or may not be packed with Wysiwyg. This application sets which of your network adaptors is used for Net2 traffic. It is available as part of the free download of Network Configuration Editor (NCE) from ETC: 

Note: There are ETCNet2 devices in the Device Manager in Wysiwyg, but these do not function. Allow EDMX reception as shown above to see EDMX levels.

Other Visualisers

Any visualiser that can read EDMX, sACN, Art-Net, or Avab UDP network levels should be able to connect to Eos/Ion. Alternatively, there are several DMX-USB converters available, such as the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro, are available. Consult your visualiser's documentation.

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