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on 03-13-2009
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iRFR Product Page

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By: metislight Posted on 03-28-2011 5:33 PM

I am currently using the latest version of  iRFR with the Ion, but for some reason it only let's me use channel check mode!?!  I cannot get to LIVE, I cannot edit cues the way I used to in previous versions.  HELP!

By: Hans.Hinrichsen Posted on 03-28-2011 9:52 PM

Hi metislight,

The wiki pages aren't continuously monitored for questions -- please feel free to direct your questions to our forums, where there is likely to be a more timely response to your question.

To answer the question at hand, the iRFR was changed (just as the RFR was) to default to channel check mode with 1.9.5 software.  Press and hold the 'M' button to view the different available options -- you're likely looking for Live or Playback functions, both of which are options.


By: pierre MARCHAND Posted on 06-23-2011 4:10 AM


- pour se servir de l' ipod  (irfr-LR) avec le congo doit on le passer en "at mode"?

- quel adresse IP dois utiliser?

- je suppose (si  personne ne la changer) que le password est CONGO?



By: bacontheatre Posted on 12-21-2011 5:52 AM

Hello, I have an old sky router plugged into my desk- can I use this just the same and use it to control the desk via the Iphone? Im having trouble connecting but IP addresses are correct.

By: bacontheatre Posted on 01-05-2012 3:01 AM
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