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Comments: iRFR: How to Setup Your Wireless Network

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First published by:
Chris Mizerak
on 05-04-2009
Last revision by:
on 07-13-2013
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iRFR: How to Setup Your Wireless Network

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By: epimetheus Posted on 11-17-2009 10:51 AM
100% of people found this useful

The second figure at the top of the page under Network Configuration is incorrect.  The console should be connected to a LAN port on a wireless router, not the WAN port.  If you connect it to the WAN port, you would have a firewall between the console and the iRFR.  Not to mention you would have all kinds of problems getting everything set to the correct IP addresses.

By: Tracy.Fitch Posted on 05-11-2010 11:42 PM

Actually, I specifically drew this with the WAN port connection to avoid the issue of multiple DHCP servers on the same network.  In my experience, most Wireless Routers also serve DHCP by default through their downstream RJ45 ports but not to the upstream interface.

To setup a configuration where plugging in a default-configured router couldn't damage the normal functioning of the rest of the system, I suggested using the WAN port to the standard console network.

iRFR traffic should pass through many typical firewall configurations.  If you're seeing issues with data making it through your individual wireless router, I would investigate if it has an option for a "game mode" or to disable the firewall independently.  

By: drlynn Posted on 07-23-2010 10:19 AM

I just could not get anything going when I set it up the way the diagram suggests.  After going several rounds with it last night, I called a service rep and he recommended the following set-up:

Disable DHCP on the router, plug the console into a LAN port, and hardcode all the appropriate IP addresses on the router and client devices.

Worked like magic.

By: lutonbod Posted on 01-01-2011 2:44 PM

Hi guys, please excuse my ignorance as this may make me seem like a complete noob [where I am] but in the itunes store I can see two iphone apps 1 = iRFR - LR and 2 = iRFR - BTS ?? Can someone please advise me what the difference is before I go and spend £30 on an app i dont need...

Many Thanks..

By: davebsstage Posted on 01-18-2011 2:06 PM


If no one else has answered you, the "difference" in the 2 apps is which charity the $$ go to: the LR version goes to "Light Relief" and the BTS version goes to "Behind the Scenes." Both (LR is UK and BTS is US) are charities that help out stagehands who are struggling with some kind of financial hardship.....

A worthy cause for sure.....

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