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iRFR Documentation: Revision #20


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iRFR Documentation

iRFR Setup Guide

Getting the iRFR app

  • Download and install iRFR.app either directly from the iTunes store on your iPhone or iPod Touch or from iTunes on your computer.

Using/Configuring the iRFR Software


Tapping this will try to establish a connection to the console you have specified in the Settings screen.

Virtual RFR

Displays the actual iRFR interface that mimics the RFR hardware.


Makes your screen go white to better work as an impromptu flashlight.


Host: Enter your console's IP address here. The default IP addres for an Eos console is

Other Recommended IP's:

Eos Ion Congo Congo Jr WLAN AP iPhone/iPod



  • For Eos or Ion, this is the name of the console as set on the console. Although the default name for Eos and Ion would be hard for some one to guess, it's also hard to remember. You can set it on the console via 'Setup' and then see the name on the first line.
  • For Congo/jr, leave this field blank. Congo does not require a password.

Quick Start: Turning this on disables the spinny ETC logo wecome screen.

Sounds: Turns on / off the user interface sound effects.

Lock RFR Layout: Locks the iRFR user interface from being changed. This mainly affects the size of the display at the top of the screen from accidental bumps.


Setting Up Your Eos/Ion Console

Setting up the iRFR to work with your Eos/Ion console requires some configuration in the Eos/Ion Configuration Editor.

  1. In the browser menu, select {File}<{Exit Eos/Ion}. A dialog box opens asking you to confirm.
  2. Confirm this command by clicking {Yes}. The Eos/Ion application will close and the Eos/Ion Configuration Utility will display.
  3. Click {Settings} button. A new Settings dialog box will display.
  4. Click the {RFR} button. A RFR dialog box will display.
  5. Check the "Enable iPhone/iPod RFR" box
  6. Accept the changes by clicking the {Accept} button. To cancel changes click {Cancel}.



Setting Up Your Congo/jr Console

Setting up the iRFR to work with your Congo/jr console requires some configuration at the console.

  1. At the Congo Welcome Screen, select {System Settings}.
  2. In System Settings, select the {RFR} tab.



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