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  • KnowledgeBase: Common Neutral Wiring in ETC Systems

    In non-dimmed applications, branch circuits are often installed with three circuits sharing a common neutral conductor, where each of the three circuits is on a different phase. This is known as a “multiwire” branch circuit arrangement. It is used to save costs because only four total conductors...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Hans.Hinrichsen on 10-04-2011
    Filed under: KnowledgeBase, Legacy Unison, Sensor, Sensor+, Unison
  • Sensor CEM (classic)

    Manuals Sensor CEM v3.1 User Manual 8867.Sensor CEM User Manual RevA 2000.pdf 8865.Sensor CEM User Manual v1.3.0 1997.pdf 2117.Sensor CEM User Manual v2.0.4 1994.pdf 8461.Sensor CEM User Manual v2.1.4 1996.pdf 3175.Sensor CEM User Manual v2.1.4 1996.pdf 7206.Sensor CEM User Manual v3.0.0 1998.pdf 2117...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Tracy.Fitch on 12-04-2010
    Filed under: CEM, Sensor
  • KnowledgeBase: How Do I Match Intensities and Dimmer Curves Between an MPE or Sensor CEM and a CEM Plus Processor?

    Verify that the Max Scale setting for each dimmer on the CEM+ is set to about 118. Verify that the Curve setting for each dimmer on the CEM+ is set to Mod Square. If this doesn’t work, try Sensor 2.0. Make sure to check the voltage readings with a True-RMS meter. NOTE: Any work (including metering...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Hans.Hinrichsen on 11-15-2010
    Filed under: CEM, CEM+, KnowledgeBase, MPE, Sensor, Sensor+
  • factory default???

    On a Sensor ECM + (softw 2.2.0)... Can we do a factory default setting to reset dimmer param.??? How? Secret combinations of holding some buttons on front panel? If we want to restore a rack faster than changing a lot of setting manually... can we do something to reset easily toward a realy basic mode...
    Posted to Sensor and Matrix Dimming systems by CAS on 10-09-2010
    Filed under: Sensor, CEM, CEM+, Rack, DMX
  • KnowledgeBase: Sensor Classic CEMs: How to Generate Defaults in Software Version 3.0 and Greater

    Use these instructions to modify the rack type and/or dimmer modules that are used in the rack. These instructions should only be used if all of the dimmers in the rack are of the same type (e.g. D20s). If you have a mix of dimmers, (e.g. both D20s and D50s) you should contact your local service center...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by tomsteer on 09-28-2010
    Filed under: CEM, KnowledgeBase, Sensor
  • Additional Data Byte for Sensor Installation Rack Communication?

    Hey guys. I have a question for you guys that I need to figure out. I've been going through the process of building an open-source lighting application in MaxMSP that (for now) is being output through an Arduino USB to DMX512 converter. Images and details here: http://iad.projects.zhdk.ch/physicalcomputing...
    Posted to Sensor and Matrix Dimming systems by MCDELTAT on 09-09-2010
    Filed under: Sensor, Rack, Arduino, 512, Protocol, DMX, Software, MaxMSP
  • Problem getting some equipment to work

    I have an Express 48/95 running 2 sensor racks of 96 dimmers each. The dimmers are wired to circuits throughout the auditorium. I'm having trouble with 2 circuits on one of the catwalks. This is in a public High School that is about 12 years old. I'm sure these circuits worked at one time, but...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession by lpint on 04-03-2010
    Filed under: express 48-96, problem, dimmers, sensor
  • lights out

    Help, my maintenance staff just replaced a bunch of lamps less than a month ago. Today, there are almost twenty spots out. I looked at the Sensor dimming panel and it looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in the ten years its been here (I've been here one). What might be the cause? The play is this...
    Posted to Sensor and Matrix Dimming systems by dover1 on 03-09-2010
    Filed under: Dimmer Modules Sensor Constant Relay, Sensor
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