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  • KnowledgeBase: How Do I Match Intensities and Dimmer Curves Between an MPE or Sensor CEM and a CEM Plus Processor?

    Verify that the Max Scale setting for each dimmer on the CEM+ is set to about 118. Verify that the Curve setting for each dimmer on the CEM+ is set to Mod Square. If this doesn’t work, try Sensor 2.0. Make sure to check the voltage readings with a True-RMS meter. NOTE: Any work (including metering...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Hans.Hinrichsen on 11-15-2010
    Filed under: CEM, CEM+, KnowledgeBase, MPE, Sensor, Sensor+
  • MPE Fuses

    There are three fuses labeled F3-5. F3 and F4 are 1/8 Amp, F5 is 1.5 Amp F3 is C phase detect F4 is B phase detect F5 is A phase detect and supplies power to the MPE and the fan.
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-22-2010
    Filed under: MPE, Sensor
  • KnowledgeBase: Help Your Technician Help you

    When equipment goes bad out in the field, it's often extremely helpful if the owner/end user can keep track of the circumstances of the failure. This is especially true when the problem is intermittent and might not occur when the technician is present. Service Technicians are exceptionally skillful...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 08-24-2009
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  • KnowledgeBase: How do I Reset an MPE?

    There is a recessed button on the face panel labeled RESET. Press and release it.
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-24-2009
    Filed under: KnowledgeBase, MPE, Sensor
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