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  • KnowledgeBase: ETC Network IP Addresses

    Default IP Ranges For ETC Products Below are the ETC Network addressing standards. Bold numbers or modes are the default for devices that ship with a preconfigured IP. These standard ranges should be used unless a different range is required by the site. ETC Product IP Range Cobalt 10 to...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by starksk on 03-05-2014
    Filed under: CEM+, CEM3, Congo, Congo Kid, CongoJr, DMX, Element, Emphasis, Eos, Ethernet, Gateway Configuration Editor, GCE, Ion, iphone, ipod, iRFR, IRFU, KnowledgeBase, Legacy Unison, Light Server, Mosaic, NCE, Net2, Net3, Network, Obsession, ObsessionII, Paradigm, Pharos, Sensor+, Show Control, Unison, WRFU
  • Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR)

    Manuals Net3 Radio Focus Remote Setup Guide Net3 RFR The Net3 RFR provides a wireless remote control for consoles supporting ETCNet3, which includes the Congo Family ( Congo , Congo Jr. , Congo Kid ) and the Eos Family ( Eos , Gio , Ion , and Element ). It features a network base station that can be...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Hans.Hinrichsen on 11-21-2011
    Filed under: Congo, CongoJr, Element, Eos, GCE, Ion, Net3, RFR
  • KnowledgeBase: Help Your Technician Help you

    When equipment goes bad out in the field, it's often extremely helpful if the owner/end user can keep track of the circumstances of the failure. This is especially true when the problem is intermittent and might not occur when the technician is present. Service Technicians are exceptionally skillful...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 08-24-2009
    Filed under: AAS, Acclaim, arri, ASTS, AVAB, CEM, CEM+, Congo, CongoJr, cRRFU, DAS, Dimmer, Distribution, DMX, ECMUX, Element, ELTS, Emphasis, Eos, ETCLink, Ethernet, Express, Expression, GCE, Idea, Ion, Irideon, K96, KnowledgeBase, Legacy Unison, LMI, Lon, MDD, MDR, MicroII, MicroVision, MIDI, MPE, NCE, Net2, Net3, Obsession, ObsessionII, Pharos, RDM, Response, RFR, RFU, RRFU, RS-232, RVI, Sensor, Sensor+, SineWave, SmartBar, SmartFade, SmartFadeML, SmartModule, SMPTE, Source Four, Source4, Touchscreen, Unison, Vision, WRFU
  • KnowledgeBase: Problems with Strand SN110 node receiving DMX

    From our testing, Strand SN110 nodes seem to require a 6 millisecond idle time after the last stop bit. In order for ETC consoles and DMX nodes and gateways to send DMX to them you must set their DMX Output speed to "slow". A deep clear or reset will change this to "fast", so the...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-27-2009
    Filed under: Congo, CongoJr, DMX, Element, Emphasis, Eos, Express, Expression, Ion, KnowledgeBase, Net2, Net3, Obsession, ObsessionII, SmartFade, SmartFadeML
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