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  • iRFR Product Page

    iRFR Product Info Page Click here for iRFR Documentation The iRFR is an application that runs on iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. The iRFR is capable of interfacing with the Eos and Congo family of consoles (which include the Eos, Ion, Element, Congo, Congo Jr and Congo Kid.). The initial product release...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Hans.Hinrichsen on 09-18-2012
    Filed under: iphone, ipod, iRFR, remote control, wireless
  • iRFR: Congo/CongoJr Functionality

    RFR with Congo/CongoJr Also see: Getting Started with Congo/CongoJr The iRFR has the same functionality as the Net3 RFR. The RFR works within its own field and this field can be cleared from the console. All channel intensity levels generated by the remote can only be recorded into targets from the remote...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Christian Rezgui on 07-27-2012
    Filed under: Congo, CongoJr, iphone, ipod, iRFR, remote control, RFR, RFU, wireless, WRFU
  • iRFR Documentation

    iRFR Documentation I. How to Setup Your Wireless Network II. Getting Started with Eos/Ion/Element III. Getting Started with Congo/CongoJr iRFR: Congo/CongoJr Functionality *Requires iPod/iPhone OS 3.0
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by gswart on 08-18-2011
    Filed under: iphone, ipod, iRFR, remote control, RFR, RFU, wireless, WRFU
  • Posting and Replying in the ETC Community- iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android

    The content editor default for the user profile must be set to "Plain Text". From the HOME tab: 1. Click “Edit Profile” 2. Select the “Site Options” tab 3. Dropdown the “Content Editor” selector and choose “Plain Text” 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save” Users should be able...
    Posted to Documentation by bderr on 07-05-2011
    Filed under: iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android
  • iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

    This is a place to address issues related the ETC apps for Apple products in the 'i' family. iPad iPod Touch iPhone Within the RFR-layout keys Group and Out are missing
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by mmeskill on 02-10-2011
    Filed under: iPad, iphone, ipod
  • Can I set up my Insight 3 on a wireless network, or add a PC to achieve this?

    I currently have a Insight 3 console with 3 sensor racks. I would like to either add this to an ethernet, or a PC so I can take advantage wireless applications on the iphone or ipad. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kevin
    Posted to Networking Discussions by Kevin on 11-28-2010
    Filed under: ethernet, Wireless, Network, iphone
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