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  • PS107 Trim Pot

    Question: Where is the Trim Pot located on the PS107? Answer: Please see the attached image for location of this trim pot. SEE ATTACHMENT:
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-13-2010
    Filed under: Expression, MicroVision, RVI
  • KnowledgeBase: Help Your Technician Help you

    When equipment goes bad out in the field, it's often extremely helpful if the owner/end user can keep track of the circumstances of the failure. This is especially true when the problem is intermittent and might not occur when the technician is present. Service Technicians are exceptionally skillful...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 08-24-2009
    Filed under: AAS, Acclaim, arri, ASTS, AVAB, CEM, CEM+, Congo, CongoJr, cRRFU, DAS, Dimmer, Distribution, DMX, ECMUX, Element, ELTS, Emphasis, Eos, ETCLink, Ethernet, Express, Expression, GCE, Idea, Ion, Irideon, K96, KnowledgeBase, Legacy Unison, LMI, Lon, MDD, MDR, MicroII, MicroVision, MIDI, MPE, NCE, Net2, Net3, Obsession, ObsessionII, Pharos, RDM, Response, RFR, RFU, RRFU, RS-232, RVI, Sensor, Sensor+, SineWave, SmartBar, SmartFade, SmartFadeML, SmartModule, SMPTE, Source Four, Source4, Touchscreen, Unison, Vision, WRFU
  • ETCNet(1) Products

    ETCNet, now known as ETCNet1 to differentiate it from ETCNet2 and Net3, was ETC's original Ethernet based control protocol. It is a proprietary protocol and the specifications are not publicly available. ETCNet1 is a raw ethernet protocol, meaning that it will not work over a routed network and may...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Tracy.Fitch on 07-11-2009
    Filed under: Express, Expression, Net1, Obsession, RIU, RVI
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