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  • Re: DMX Output Configuration?

    Isn't this what Channels are for? In Express terms there isn't much purpose to patching out of a 1-1 sequence. Organizing your programming is related to the DMX values. In Element you organize your fixtures by patching to whatever control channels you like. (and can load and save just the fancy...
    Posted to The Element Forum by RickR on 12-14-2010
    Filed under: DMX, Channels, Patch
  • Element and Colortran i96 Dimmer Rack

    My school just got an Element Console, we are using are old dimmer rack, a Colortran i96 for control. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems getting the two to work together easily. I found the only way for me to get control on the Element is to turn on one of the Architectural analog panic...
    Posted to The Element Forum by ACHS Techie on 11-04-2010
    Filed under: Element, bug, problem, collortran, DMX, i96
  • RDM over DMX (no NET3 nodes)

    I'm posing this question because I have no way of testing this before loading in my next show and it will change our prep schedule. Is it possible to do RDM discovery using a straight DMX connection between an Ion and the RDM device (Coloram IT)? The venue only has Net2 Gateways so we were going...
    Posted to The Eos Family Forum (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion) by hacronymus on 10-14-2010
    Filed under: EOS, ION, DMX, RDM
  • factory default???

    On a Sensor ECM + (softw 2.2.0)... Can we do a factory default setting to reset dimmer param.??? How? Secret combinations of holding some buttons on front panel? If we want to restore a rack faster than changing a lot of setting manually... can we do something to reset easily toward a realy basic mode...
    Posted to Sensor and Matrix Dimming systems by CAS on 10-09-2010
    Filed under: Sensor, CEM, CEM+, Rack, DMX
  • ETCNet2 DMX Node ETCLink Termination Switch

    Question: In which direction do you move the termination switch on the ETCLink/RFU PCB to terminate? Answer: Towards the J5 connector is terminated
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-16-2010
    Filed under: DMX, Net2
  • KnowledgeBase: Data Cable Wire Length / Specs / Substitutions

    The attached document provides guidelines for the different wire types, and their equivalents, that ETC recommends for low voltage data transmission in permanently installed lighting systems.
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Tracy.Fitch on 04-26-2010
    Filed under: DMX, Ethernet, KnowledgeBase, Lon, RDM, RFU
  • KnowledgeBase: Help Your Technician Help you

    When equipment goes bad out in the field, it's often extremely helpful if the owner/end user can keep track of the circumstances of the failure. This is especially true when the problem is intermittent and might not occur when the technician is present. Service Technicians are exceptionally skillful...
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 08-24-2009
    Filed under: AAS, Acclaim, arri, ASTS, AVAB, CEM, CEM+, Congo, CongoJr, cRRFU, DAS, Dimmer, Distribution, DMX, ECMUX, Element, ELTS, Emphasis, Eos, ETCLink, Ethernet, Express, Expression, GCE, Idea, Ion, Irideon, K96, KnowledgeBase, Legacy Unison, LMI, Lon, MDD, MDR, MicroII, MicroVision, MIDI, MPE, NCE, Net2, Net3, Obsession, ObsessionII, Pharos, RDM, Response, RFR, RFU, RRFU, RS-232, RVI, Sensor, Sensor+, SineWave, SmartBar, SmartFade, SmartFadeML, SmartModule, SMPTE, Source Four, Source4, Touchscreen, Unison, Vision, WRFU
  • KnowledgeBase: Grounding Net2 Nodes

    Question Do you need to ground the node? Answer Yes. This helps displace any static electricity that may be acquire.
    Posted to ETC Product Wiki by Kelsey Aleckson on 07-27-2009
    Filed under: DMX, KnowledgeBase, Net1, Net2
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