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  • Fire & Ice Fixtures Together

    What are the chances that ETC will release a 21" fixture with a Fire fixture in one cell and an Ice fixture in the other? Would there be any benefit to this configuration over just a 21" Vivid-R fixture? I've noticed theaters use a warm-gelled PAR and a cool-gelled PAR in pairs for top...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by mdrury on 04-18-2010
    Filed under: vivid, ice, selador, fire
  • Seledor Barndoors?

    I am TD for a very large high school outside of Chicago. We demoed the new Seledor Vivid-R fixtures and loved them. My only concern is future accessories. We are looking into purchasing enough fixtures to supplement our side light system in our rep dance plot but I am hesitant to move forward if I will...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by iskweldog on 12-01-2010
    Filed under: vivid, selador, Barndoor, Accessories, LED
  • Vivid-r

    Does the selador vivid-r do a good white wash, I'm doing research for a high school auditorium, we do a Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Concert, where the vivid's color spectrum is very useful, but we also do musicals and plays with conventional or abstract lighting designs, so we need something...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by wkoch3 on 09-18-2011
    Filed under: vivid, selador, Ion
  • Re: Vivid-r

    You CAN get a good white wash from Vivid. A great one, in fact. It will do high-quality white light across the whole range of color temperatures, from very warm candle light to harsh cold, bluish white. This is true for both the Vivid-R of the classic Selador strip line as well as the new Desire Vivid...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by robgerlach on 09-21-2011
    Filed under: vivid, selador, LED, Ion, Desire, Lustr
  • Gel picker info for Seleador (Vivid-R)

    OK so I appreciate this info may not be "publicly" available. In order to improve the existing GrandMA profile for the Selador (in my case we have exclusively Vivid-Rs) I was looking to see if there is a way to get the various color value data for the fixture that correspond to the gel numbers...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by andrewjrw on 12-19-2011
    Filed under: vivid, selador, color, gel, eos, grandMA
  • Re: What would you do?

    luke.delwiche : I completely agree with your recommendations. This is exactly what we call the hybrid theatre. And I love your analogy of tungsten being the canvas and D40s the paint. Can I quote that sometime? For the cyc, remember that even RGBA is very different than X7 color mixing. (Of course, as...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by robgerlach on 02-24-2012
    Filed under: vivid, selador, lens, LED, color, X7, RGB, RGBA, cyc
  • Selador Classic "Round" beam lenses

    Hey there, I've put in a shout to a few folks over at ETC, waiting to hear back but it dawned on me while using the D40's. SINCE the classics with no lensing starts as a round beam shape, isn't it possible to use the lensing made for the desire line to widen this beam and keep it round??...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by jeff_a_davis on 05-22-2012
    Filed under: vivid, selador, lens, Desire, Lustr, D40, D60, Classic, Lenses
  • Selador Vectorworks symbols

    I was just curious if symbols for vectorworks existed out there for the selador line. Field templates has a selador pack but its not the etc line (i.e. fire/ice and 11").
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by jeff_a_davis on 05-27-2010
    Filed under: vivid, ice, selador, fire, vectorworks, symbols
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