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  • lights blinking on their own.

    We have a 48 dimmer unison dimming system with about 36 source four instruments. when the system was first installed they installed an express 48/96 board. over the course of the years we had that board certain lights would just start flashing when we had that light recorded in a submaster. It would...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by aljfoster on 12-13-2009
    Filed under: element, unison
  • Some resources for Control Designer layouts

    I got to do a small Paradigm system at BYU recently - was looking for some custom icons that looked like wood grain to match one of the background images I'd created from some photos I'd taken in the space. I ran across this site: http://icons.mysitemyway.com/ . They have tons of different styles...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by jmcgregor on 01-13-2010
    Filed under: Control Designer, Paradigm, lcd paradigm unison, unison
  • Legacy Unison Hosting question-

    I have a job that I've done this before, but I can't remember exactly how I've done it. I have two 13 fader/12 button stations on the config, along with a number of other 1/2/5/10 button stations around the facility. I'm creating lock and unlock macros for the 1/2/5/10 button stations...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by Holztech on 02-26-2010
    Filed under: unison, legacy, hosting
  • Unison no longer receiving levels from light board

    Hello - I am working in a space with an Expression control console and a Unison system. In the past I have been able to record Unison presets by setting levels on the board and recording those levels. Today, for reasons I cannot ascertain, the Unison system has stopped recognizing levels set on the Expression...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by BenTev28 on 01-27-2011
    Filed under: unison
  • dimmer errors

    New to forum so I hope I am in correct one. Our church has a 12 dimmer rack in the chapel. The lcd on the sensor controller has a blinking message 'dimmer error'. All light appear to be working normally ie dim and turn on with programmed buttons. I noticed that the last dimmer doesn't have...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by stgjim on 04-07-2011
    Filed under: unison
  • anolog adress system channel control

    we use a anolog adress system which in turn is sitting on a gaint red box.(we use this system for overhead stage lighting) at one point a couple of lights stopped working to the 8 channel pots. i went through the patch menu, and i discovered that work light was enabled for some of them. i turned this...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by poland fun on 10-13-2011
    Filed under: unison
  • Push buttons and master control

    Hi, Ive been asked to set up a 5 button 1 fader station so that the buttons will pull up a recorded preset. The level of the lights is to be determined by the location of the fader. The intention is to drop a set of preset/group of lights to zero, select a new preset/group and fade them in. So far all...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by Steve_aitch on 07-27-2012
    Filed under: Light Designer, Paradigm, unison
  • Legacy Unison LCD Background images

    Is it possible to download the LCD background images from a Legacy CEMi without a "PC Interface Station"? Save config to disk on the processor only saves the config (does what it say's on the tin!) Light manager seems only tobe able to upload images via network, not download. Many Thanks...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by marcusbirkin on 09-10-2012
    Filed under: unison, legacy, Unison Light Manager, CEMi, background
  • Unison & Dimmer Doubling

    Our theatre has a Unison processor with three remote stations that are programmed for work lights, house lights and typically rehearsal lights. The system was installed circa 1999. We use a lot of dimmer doubling. The Unison processor will not record any outputs from B side of dimmer doublers. Why is...
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by SBC on 01-25-2013
    Filed under: unison, legacy, dimmer doubler
  • Unison LCD screen calibration

    I have a Unison LCD touch panel at the booth and the screen is off calibration. It turns out the glue holding the touch screen glass is wearing out and the screen has slipped down about half an inch off of the lcd part underneath. Is there a way to have this repaired or replaced?
    Posted to Unison Dimming and Control (Forum) by JLicklider on 08-17-2013
    Filed under: unison, lcd, calibration
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