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  • questions/ remarks Ion

    I'm a free lance technician from Holland and interested in buying a Ion with 2 LCD displays. I've been playing with it for 2 days. I'm used to working with the expression. There are a lot of things about the Ion that makes him interesting, a lot of things I don't yet know about the Ion and some things...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Edwin van Steenbergen on 08-30-2008
    Filed under: effects, touchscreen, Ion Console
  • Silly issues from a new Ion user...

    I am about to install a new Ion in my venue, and I am struggling with what to do about the monitors. I am curious what others have. What type of monitors do you all use? What are the pros/cons of touchscreens? Do many people use them? I am looking at monitors, and most of what I am seeing out there are...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by uncmempm on 08-12-2008
    Filed under: touchscreen, Ion Console, Monitor Resolution
  • Re: Definitive answer on Ion Touchscreens

    If you are launching the vendor's configuration application from that link, it would be nice to provide a mechanism like a registry entry or configuration setting for hooking the button within the maintenance shell to other vendors' utilities rather than having to drop back to the operating system to...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by sk8rs_dad on 05-14-2008
    Filed under: ION, touchscreen, Ion Console
  • iiyama touch screen not working

    Hey Ive reciently purchased an Ion - i have a iiyama touch screen (prolite T2250MTS) I can get the screen to work but no touch screen. should i be uploading drivers on to the ion and if so where should i be saving this info?? Or have i been sold the wrong type of touch screen and it will not be compatable...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Paul Tilbrook on 02-16-2012
    Filed under: ION, touchscreen, Ion Console, ion touchscreen calibration, display
  • Unsupported touch screen for the ION

    I am running an ION. So I know anything other than a ELO touch screen is pretty much not supported. I also know I can Install drivers for other touch screens. My question is how do I do this? Also should I do this it will not mess anything in the board up? And if it does is fixing it a simple matter...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by jhartking on 03-02-2013
    Filed under: EOS, ION, touchscreen, Ion Console, ETC Ion, gio
  • Ion Monitor VGA & DVI combination

    Howdy, I have the Ion running v.2.0. I have 1 DVI Touchscreen and 1 VGA Monitor. I recently changed the primary monitor to be the VGA (so I could get the CIA on the VGA one) using the old powering up with one connected etcetera trick. However, since doing this the DVI touchscreen is not being recognised...
    Posted to The Eos Family Forum (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion) (Forum) by Brownlingii on 03-20-2013
    Filed under: ION, touchscreen, Ion Console, vga, Calibrate, Displays, Direct Selects, Monitor, Monitors, DVI monitors...Help!
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