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  • RGB Fixture and Controlling only Intens on Sub

    I have a show coming up where the rig has a row of Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures, which are three 3 dmx channels, each controlling RGB. I am setting up the Ion so I can busk live, and i'm trying to set all my subs to only control intensity parameters, giving me the ability so set positions...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by alexadamson on 01-03-2012
    Filed under: ION, COLORBLAST, submaster, intensity
  • Exclusive submaster request

    Would it be possible to get channels that are in an exclusive submaster to have an annotation in the live table tombstone of those channels? Or to have some sort of marking on the submaster itself to designate that the submaster has been marked as exclusive? The problem comes on a shared desk situation...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by zawistow on 04-23-2012
    Filed under: ION, submaster, Exclusive
  • Using a Random Access Cue instead of a Submaster to Pile-On Channels in a Linked Sequence

    I'm trying to streamline a sequence, which is usually done like this: 1. I am in Cue 1, which is a base look for the stage. The talent enters. 2. Depending on where the talent lands onstage, I go to one of a selection of cues built for different onstage positions (2,3,4,5,6,7). Each of these cues...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by click on 07-16-2012
    Filed under: EOS, ION, submaster, link, cue, Pile-On
  • Finding subs

    Is there a quick way to find out which sub page contains an active sub? We have found that when using multiple pages of subs its easy to loose track of active subs with no real easy way to find out which page contains the active sub. We are using an Ion, software version 1.9.12
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by zawistow on 10-17-2012
    Filed under: submaster, ION ?, subs, submasters, sub
  • Ion scrambled patch issue

    When this first happened I thought it was operator error but it has happened MULTIPLE times after careful saves. What's more is that while working with a tour at a different theater on their touring Ion, they had the SAME issue. I can't write it up as operator error anymore For the last few months...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by stephaniearoberson on 03-04-2013
    Filed under: ION, submaster, bugs, ETC Ion, Fader Wing 2x20, Ion Fader Wing, Ion Bug, patching issues, circuiting scramble
  • Submaster glitch in 2.0.0

    When triggered this glitch will ignore the handle resting a 0%, and bring certain channels up live while editing the sub in blind. The trigger conditions seem to be: 1. Raising and lowering the handle of a pile-on sub at least once. 2. While the handle is at zero, changing the channel level to zero in...
    Posted to The Eos Family Forum (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion) (Forum) by 33boardop on 04-27-2013
    Filed under: submaster, Eos 2.0
  • Hue/Sat on Subs

    I've made 3 different subs (one for intensity, one for hue, one for saturation) that control a group of Selador D60's. I setup the subs right, and everything works great until I save the show file, and open it back up. Then for some reason the Sub controlling Hue also controls Saturation, and...
    Posted to The Eos Family Forum (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion) (Forum) by jcughan on 10-15-2013
    Filed under: ION, submaster, LED, subs, submasters, sub, LED Fixture, ion sub NPs, LEDs
  • Gio 2,0 + Un. Faderwing: Several Problems with Submasters

    Hey Guys, I 've a little bit trouble with our new Gio. The first time we started it completly, and then plugged the Fader wing and the whole console was freezed. We restarted the console and then all seemed to be cool. Console was runnig and did what it should do, and the Faderwing worked also. I...
    Posted to The Eos Family Forum (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion) (Forum) by PK-Bomber on 12-20-2013
    Filed under: submaster, Unversal Fader Wing, Fader Wing 2x20, subs, gio, fader wing, submasters, sub, LED Fixture, Etc Gio, sub-masters
  • Stopping a Macro with a Cue

    Hello amazing internet people, I'm designing a show on an Express 48/96 that has a scene that necessitated three consecutive cues that each link to macros. Those macros use a series of Bumps and On/OffBumps referencing submasters, and Mwaits to create strobing effects on three COLORado 1-Tri Tour...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by r0lliSl1fe on 03-10-2014
    Filed under: Express, DMX, bump buttons, MIDI, submaster, inhibitive, macro, linked macro, cue, control, 48/96
  • Submaster Edit Mode as Default?

    Is there a way to have the Ion default to edit mode when viewing the sub display? For the most part my reason for going in to the sub display is to edit submasters and it's a bit annoying to hit the edit softkey every time.
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by bosox242 on 02-17-2009
    Filed under: ION, Ion Console, submaster
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