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  • Re: iRFR

    Sara, Respectfully...the only people this change effects is the congo users. The Eos/Ion users can't get it either way until you release their new version of the software. However the congo users could be testing and working out bugs for you right now. So I guess what I hear you saying is that it's...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Mpatty on 05-07-2009
    Filed under: Congo, Congo Jr., One week with Congo, rrfu, ethernet, congo Jr. independent toggle, congo Jr, cRRFU, RFR configuration, congo jr monitors congo lighting, congo jr langauge, Congo Effects, RFR, iRFR, congo mac
  • Re: iPhone RFR???

    [quote user="lidgett"] I read, and saw pictures, on a blog about an iPhone RFR coming out soon that was debuted at USITT. Please tell me this will also be compatible with Congo (all the pictures were with an EOS). Also, when is the expected release date? [/quote] Check out this thread. http...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by bosox242 on 03-28-2009
    Filed under: Congo, congo Jr, iRFR
  • Re: 1.7 and iRFR

    The iRFR application will work with Eos, Ion or Element. If you are using Eos or Ion, you will need to upgrade to v1.7 software first. ETC is donating all proceeds from the sale of the iRFR application to Behind the Scenes or Light Relief. There are two separate applications available, the iRFR - BTS...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by dvarian on 07-31-2009
    Filed under: iRFR
  • iRFR Out of date?

    I downloaded the iRFR app after I had upgraded my ION to 1.7 and found that the color picker and encoder buttons the iRFR "manual" talks about being available when connected to an Eos/Ion are not there. Is the software being updated now that 1.7 is out? or is my particular app not right? How...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by jeff_a_davis on 08-04-2009
    Filed under: EOS, Ion Console, iRFR
  • Connecting iRFR to Eos/ION/Element offline on a mac.

    I just bought the iRFR for my iphone. I don't have a console near me for some time, but I was under the impression I could use this with the offline software to get a feel for how the iRFR operates. Is this not true? I can't seem to get it to connect. I am running Mac OS 10.5.7 on an Intel macbook...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by jpgagnon on 08-05-2009
    Filed under: eos ion client offline, Element Client, Element, iRFR
  • iFRF with offline editor?

    I have downloaded the off-line editor for the ETC ION 1.8 control board, and will need to use the iRFR control app in a forthcoming production with that board. I have downloaded the app, and was wondering if it is possible to connect it to the off-line editor to get aqquainted with the app? Thanks in...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by lozontheweb on 01-19-2010
    Filed under: ION, Offline Editor, iRFR
  • Congo iRFR dropping connection...802.11g router just too old?

    Hi all, be kind to the networking noob-- I just got around to setting up my iPhone as a Congo remote. Am using an old router I had lying around the house, Linksys WRT54G. I keep losing connection: range isn't necessarily the issue, as it's happened when I'm all of three to eight feet away...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Anne S on 04-08-2010
    Filed under: Wireless, Network, Congo, Net 2, iRFR
  • EOS and iPhone

    I am now on my second iPhone, the first one successfully operated the IRFR app, the second and present iPhone will not. All settings seem to be correct, my iPhone is communication witht he wireless router,I know the router is communication with the EOS. I am wondering if the APP is in someway tied to...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Ian on 04-28-2010
    Filed under: iRFR
  • Re: Congo iRFR dropping connection...802.11g router just too old?

    I was having repeated and constant disconnects with my iRFR and my ION after 30 seconds or so, called ETC, and was given a strange, but very useful tip. Disable 3G on your iPhone. Now it stays connected all the time, every time. Of course, I get within 10 feet of a Clear-Com system now and I make horrible...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by nfarwell on 04-28-2010
    Filed under: Wireless, iRFR, 3g, ion, iphone
  • FYI: Constant disconnect fix for iRFR and iPhone 3G (and 3GS?) fix.

    I finally set up a wireless system, configured it exactly as instructed, and was having horrible disconnection problems. After 30 seconds, the app would lose connection with the Ion, dumping me off. I would click "Connect" again and it would stay connected for another 30 seconds. Repeat ad...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by nfarwell on 04-28-2010
    Filed under: iRFR, 3g, iphone
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