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  • iPad, Landscape mode, and iRFR

    Hi, So first off I want to say that I absolutely love the new version of iRFR for the iPad and iPhone! The GUI has greatly improved, the reliability is stellar, and the new features are great like notes in the cue stack. But, I feel as one thing is missing however; on the iPad specifically when you turn...
    Posted to What's your idea? (Forum) by jross on 06-25-2010
    Filed under: iPad, iRFR, landscape
  • Element + iPAD

    Hi there, so just an idea i'm throwing out there...am thinking of investing in a lighting desk, and while I would love an ION, the price tag is a little too much - so am reading up on the Element (and should be getting a demo console for a show in a month or so). Ok...so I get that the element is...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by TomWillis on 08-03-2010
    Filed under: Element, ml controls, ipad, irfr
  • Ipad RFR suggested additional Features

    As an Ion user / owner I believe it is a common problem for us all that the lack of access to many of the Virtual Controls is a bit of a pain as you have to lose a screen to these options and unless you have a touchscreen it is a pain. I am however in love with the iPad RFR Remote. I was wondering if...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by AB Lighting on 08-12-2011
    Filed under: Direct Select, iRFR, Direct Selects, iPad
  • Patching on iRFR

    Hi, I may just be ding something wrong, but I am having trouble figuring out how to patch conventional fixtures from the iRFR app. I believe it says online that it is possible to do so, but I am unable to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by Andy on 09-12-2011
    Filed under: ipad, irfr, Patch
  • Unable to get a solid connection with iPhone/iPad iRFR and iOS 5 update.

    Hello, Since my update to iOS5 I am unable to keep a constant connection to my ION. Every few minutes the app disconnects and I have to reconnect. This problem occurs on both my iPhone 4 and iPad (1st gen). In trying to figure out the problem I noticed that when attempting to connect to the board I would...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Wolfhunt on 10-18-2011
    Filed under: iRFR, iPad
  • Re: What's up with the arfr

    As you're seeing, there are countless ways to reconfigure these settings to a workable system. There are probably even more ways to accidentally get something wrong with those settings. For the majority of people using iRFR and aRFR there is no reason to do any configuration on your wireless access...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Tracy.Fitch on 10-31-2011
    Filed under: iRFR, iPod, iPad, iRFR LR, iRFR Preview, iRFR BTS, aRFR
  • Re: iRFR network setup

    Pat, a lot of folks have played with different settings on wireless routers and come up with various permutations that can work. (as illustrated by the posts above). If you want the simplest way to configure consumer wireless routers for iRFR and aRFR on a standalone ETC lighting network, try this. It...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Tracy.Fitch on 08-06-2011
    Filed under: iRFR, iPod, iPad, aRFR
  • iRFR expanded functions

    Will the iRFR eventually have expanded functions? It is cool to manipulate position, color and other ml functions from the I PAD but I would love to be able to update the palletes. It would also be heplful to have the ability to recall from Direct Selects with the I PAD.
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by SBC on 08-27-2012
    Filed under: Direct Select, iRFR, iPad
  • Ipad iRFR expanded Functions

    Love the iRFR for my Iphone. I just wanted to add my request for expanded functions on the Ipad. Accessing Direct Selects. Channel Screen with programmer so you can actually see the channel level. Here's hoping the ETC legacy for feature expansion continues!
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by meatpopsicle on 10-12-2012
    Filed under: Direct Select, iRFR, iPad
  • GIO Dimmer Doubler Patch Display & iRFR Channel Check

    We use a lot of dimmer doubling in our venue. The patch display shows some of the doubled dimmers as 3B or 115B but shows others as there raw DMX (+256) value. All dimmers are working properly, though this display can cause confusion when one verifies tha patch. I have unpatched and deleted channels...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by SBC on 11-06-2012
    Filed under: Patch, iRFR, iPad, dimmers doubling
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