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  • Eos/Ion feature request for fixtures

    I'm not sure where else to post this so I thought here would work. Every now and then when I'm programming a show I will inadvertently set the encoders such that they trigger a fixture reset, lamp off, lamp on or some such thing. Since Eos/Ion have a fixture library, and know which settings trigger...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by sk8rs_dad on 06-05-2009
    Filed under: EOS, ION, encoders
  • Re: EOS Offline encoder bug?

    While 202 is not patched, does the channel exist in Patch and on your live screen? In other words.. does 202 have a tombstone around it or is it just a grey number (see picture below)? If it does exist in patch, I would think this is your problem because even though the channel isn't patched, the...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by travisres on 04-30-2009
    Filed under: PATCHING, encoders
  • EOS encoder clutch behaving erradically

    I am pretty familiar with the ION, but this week I get the chance to work on an Eos. Today I patched our Clay Paky Stage Zoom 1200's, and I noticed the CYM encoders in clutch mode instead of a smooth turn. I hit the fine key thinking it was just me, and it really didnt change anything. I rebooted...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Brian Webber on 04-27-2009
    Filed under: encoders, EOS Set-up
  • Using encoders in the Eos offline...

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to enable the encoder wheels in offline. I am wondering if this is because I am not programming moving lights but trying to use them as the color wheel in picking gel values for scrollers, and though I had patched several channels as cxis or generic scrollers...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by ejpredny on 09-16-2008
    Filed under: ION, encoders, scrollers
  • Eos Offline 1.8 encoders

    Hello, I hope I'm not doing something dumb but I can't figure out how to use the encoders in Offline 1.8. The layout has changed from the previous versions and the buttons for selecting colour, focus, beam etc have all disappeared. I assume you're trying to make the software look like the...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by oovis on 10-27-2009
    Filed under: Offline Editor, encoders, EOS 1.8
  • flip encoders

    so im using a source four revolution ( the s4r is top hung on our balcony rail) on an ION at my college, and when i move the pan encoder counter clock wise, the light movers clock wise, and vise versa. is there a way to flip the encoder, so when i spin the encoder clockwise, the light moves clockwise...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by drummerguy626 on 12-15-2009
    Filed under: Ion Console, Revolution, encoders
  • Encoders Gone? - Offline 1.9.1

    Hi All, I am not sure if I am missing something simple, but I just updated to version 1.9.1 and while using Ion Offline on my Mac (Intel), I can't find the Encoders. They aren't listed under virtual controls, and from the Virtual Keyboard, when I press Focus, Color, Etc... a small red "Encoder...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by DJS on 08-31-2010
    Filed under: ION, encoders, virtual controls
  • Ion Encoder Wheels affect each other

    I'm behind the board, so I didn't do an in-depth search for this, so if I'm repeating someone else's question, I apologize. I'm changing CMY colors in some VL2500s using the encoder wheels on an Ion. If I'm scrolling the Cyan while simultaneously scrolling either the Magenta or...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by drewid on 12-11-2010
    Filed under: ION, encoders
  • Encoder Sensitivity 1.9.5 Ion

    Just started programming a show with the new software and I have noticed that the encoder sensitivity has changed (with my MAC 700's) with respect to coarse and fine movement. It seems like it takes a lot more effort to get pan and tilt to move faster. 1) Am I crazy, or has this changed? 2) Is there...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Brian Webber on 01-19-2011
    Filed under: ION, encoders
  • Encoders and level wheel in 1.9.5 Blind

    Is there a way to re-enable encoders and the level wheel in Blind? I can understand not wanting to Pan and Tilt in blind, but having encoder access for Color and gobos is a life saver. The level wheel is also very helpful for fine adjustments to color (especially if your lucky enough to have touch screens...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by jhdesynz on 01-24-2011
    Filed under: ION, encoders, bugs, 1.9.5, level wheel, blind
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