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  • Follow Timing Question

    I have been working on the timing for a show recently. I am having a weird problem and am not sure how to fix it. I have about 20 cues that need to be timed exactly with a piece of music (non-changing, like a song). When I was setting this up the cues were timed exactly right. Now, when I run the entire...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by digits9 on 07-28-2010
    Filed under: Element, timing, cues, bug, follow
  • Phone remote

    Would it be possible to make the phone remote alter only the live state? I was doing some blind editing of cues, then went to tweak some focussing, taking the phone remote with me. Having forgotten to switch the console to live mode, it was a while before I realised why the phone remote wasn't operating...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by David_Hately on 09-27-2010
    Filed under: Element, cues, phone remote
  • Doing it on the fly!

    The theatre director wants to block each scene during rehearsals. Basically, she blocks all of the players for the scene and calls for "lights". My job as the LD is to keep pace and try to remember each nuance as I pull and push faders. Fortunately no calls for moving lights or scrollers, but...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by whatsmytype on 11-16-2010
    Filed under: Element, cues, element effect submaster, shows
  • Manual Cue Fading

    Hi everyone! We recently got a new Element (v1.6, I believe) at my school after having a Minstrel Plus for about fifteen years. On that board, there was no option to auto-time the cues and we just used the crossfaders. Because they worked so well, the choreographer for our annual dance show wants to...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by Liz on 03-02-2011
    Filed under: Element, timing, cues, manual
  • Using submasters to EDIT a recorded cue

    Is there a way to make the submaster override the values given to a channel that is captured by a cue? For instance, if in Q1 channel 15 is at 35%, using the submaster I am able to increase it to anything above 35%. However, it will not let me bring channel 15 to anything less than 35% using the submaster...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by dpeterle on 03-10-2011
    Filed under: Element, cues, Channels, subs, LTP, submasters
  • Midi show control of the element

    I have been researching how to control the element lighting console using a midi cable. I am looking for either software that allows you send a specific command, or how to send an msc command using something like command prompt on windows. Any help is appreciated!!!
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by bigman1416 on 04-07-2011
    Filed under: Element, timing, cues, MIDI
  • After 2.0 upgrade on element, experiencing problems with live fades

    Edit: when bringing up or down a sub the intensity would freeze randomly and remain at say 67% while the fader would be at zero. The fader light would flash alerting the problem. This was happening on all 6 boards we use. I have downgraded to 1.9 and no problems. Just upgraded all 6 of our elements,...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by LXtech2013 on 04-04-2013
    Filed under: cues, fader display, faders, element version2
  • Cue List Display Conventions

    I haven't been able to find this in any of the obvious and not-so-obvious places I've looked.. The Cue List display on the Element shows the times inside of a rectangle with rounded corners. If the up-fade and down-fade times are different, it displays each fade time inside it's own "box"...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by nocolux on 04-15-2013
    Filed under: Element, timing, cues, Cue Time
  • Element: Total number of cues in show?

    Hi, Having used an Express console for many years, I have become accustommed to [About] [Enter], to detrmine the total number of cues in the show. I have recently switched to Element, and I have not been able to find the total number of cues. Is there a way to achive this? Thanks
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by Branch on 05-12-2013
    Filed under: Element, cues
  • scroller issues in sub-masters and Cues

    Hi I am running my new element with a conventional rig of Fresnels, Source 4 Zooms and 6 x colour scrollers assigned to 6 x Source 4 Pars. The scrollers are all patched correctly and are all working with the assigned/part dimmer channel for the S4 Pars. As I like to work with submasters, quite a bit...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by latymer2012 on 11-21-2013
    Filed under: Element, cues, Element ML Controls, submasters, scrollers, Eos Family
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