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  • Wizard / Werte, aber auch Infos Kopieren / tauschen

    Hallo, also seid 6.0.3 vertraue ich Congo wieder mehr.Aber auch mehr, weil wir jetzt eine Haverie mit am laufen haben, über 4 Port Gateway.Geiles Ding. Zur Sache und Kritik oder auch Vorschlag. Ich tausche Kreis X gegen Y. Oder kopiere X von Y. Kreis X hat in manchen Cue`s eine Kreiszeit. Diese...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Scholle on 01-30-2010
    Filed under: Congo, congo Jr
  • Re: Chase functionality

    [quote user="DGTSteve"]At least when touring lampies now ask me to create a few simple chases using our in house generics, I can now tell them with confidence that the desk doesn't do that, as before I felt a bit silly, as I just couldn't figure out how to do it.[/quote] Hi Steve, I...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by FloBaeumler on 03-14-2010
    Filed under: Congo, chase, congo Jr, Chases, tap chase
  • Aufruf zur Schulung für Fortgeschrittende in NRW

    Hallo Congo User, heute war ich auf der Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt. Natürlich bin ich mal beim ETC Stand ,,kleben" gelieben. Es war mal Interessant Sarah persöhnlich kennenzulernen und Ihr dabei zuzuschauen, wie sie die Tasten ,,rockt".Speziel interesant war, der seid V6 Erweiterter...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Scholle on 03-24-2010
    Filed under: Congo, congo Jr
  • Save play time.

    I'm having an issue that may be just one of those things but thought I'd ask anyway. How long roughly should it take to save a show? I'm sure our Congo Jnr is getting slower and slower, it now seems to take around 30s to save as in press modify on save, the play file has been updated message...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by richard_cooper on 05-27-2010
    Filed under: Saving, congo Jr
  • Congo v6.0.4 and new Congo facepanel firmware now available!

    Congo v6.0.4 software has been released and posted to the Web site . This release also includes a new firmware file for Congo consoles (not Congo jr or Lightserver). The firmware update is compatible with older versions of Congo software and does not require that v6.0.4 be installed. All Congo consoles...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by sclausen on 06-28-2010
    Filed under: Congo, congo Jr, Congo Lightserver
  • Congo Jr, iRFR, and Linksys - Fail

    We purchased a Linksys WRT45GL wireless router to use our iPhone iRFR with our Congo Jr. Here's where we are at so far: Congo (v 6.0.4) IP : Router IP: iPhone (3G - OS4): We have set all IP's manually, and disabled DHCP. I've disabled all firewalls...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by jjbgoode on 08-17-2010
    Filed under: Networking, congo Jr, iRFR
  • Unable to Access Diagnosis Mode on Congo Jr

    Hi I'm currently in the process of updating our venues Congo and Congo Jrs to Software Version 6.04 from 6.03. However I am struggling to install the accompanying firmware update on our Congo Jrs as I cannot access the "diagnosis mode" in order to allow firmware updates for the face panel...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by tomwiffen on 08-18-2010
    Filed under: congo Jr, Diagnosis Mode
  • iRFR which app do I need?

    Hi, am hoping someone can help. Just about to buy two iPod touches and two copies of iRFR for our students to use with the two consoles we have, Congo Jr (s/w version 6.0.4). In the app store there is iRFR - LR and iRFR - BTS, can anyone explain the difference between the two, and if there is a particular...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by useful_neill on 11-03-2010
    Filed under: congo Jr, iRFR

    Dear all, A)I am trying to learn the logic of Congo can you please tell me how do I mark some moving lights ?? eg : I have my moving lights in a Color and a Focus position to preset 2 and I want them to have that attributes without intensity in preset 1 without using Go In B from the system settings...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by menelaos on 11-23-2010
    Filed under: Congo, Master Links, congo Jr, Mark
  • Congo Jr newbie with hazer question

    I've recently inherited having to know some setup of the Congo Jr, we are adding some mini movers, led pars, and Look Unique 2 hazers. I've got the lights in and working but am having difficulty figuring out the hazers. I don't see templates for the hazers and don't seem to see the options...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by djberg on 01-05-2011
    Filed under: Templates, congo Jr, hazer
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