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  • Up time delay?

    In programming a show this pst week on the ION, I ran into a lack of ability I was used to on the Express boards. Previously I had been able to apply an wait time to the up fade of a cue. However when I tried doing this with delay on the ION, it would delay the whole cue. I was successful applying a...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by MarkLNeumann on 03-21-2009
    Filed under: EOS, ION, Time
  • Re: Timing during playback

    Could we also get the timer to count, even when there is nothing happening? I use the cue timing for things like house 1/2 and house out when not run through the board and put dummy cues into the board so that I don't have to figure out what a 10 second house out cue is and I can always have the same...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Jay on 05-26-2008
    Filed under: Time
  • Discrete Time View

    Ion When you want to look at the discrete times of a cue, you hold down the time button. When you release the button it automatically puts time onto your command line, which is really annoying because then if you need to change anything quickly you need to clear the command line then put the new command...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Jay on 05-26-2008
    Filed under: Time
  • Channel 1 > 12 time 0 > 5 ?

    Hi ! do I have any way to spread different times to different channels? I have to build a sequence where I want channels 1 > 12 to get a color delay of 0 > 5 seconds with fade time of cut. i've tried to type Channel 1 > 12 time 0 > 5 but I get syntax error. What's the correct syntax...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by emilianomorgia on 08-12-2009
    Filed under: Time, Fan, command line, Spread
  • Controlling manual split times

    I am running an Eos with v1.7 My question has to do with running cues that have a separate manual up and down fade time. When I run them back on the main fader pair they automatically map control using one fader to control stuff coming up and the other to control stuff fading down. How can I replicate...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by kyleH on 09-08-2009
    Filed under: Time, fader wings, Cues, Faders
  • Display bug, or me being daft?

    Here's the scenario; Q43.5 Main state Q44 Start to fade down, time 30, flags -B Q45 fade further, time 20 30, flags Mb P Q46 snap back up Q45 is always called within a few seconds of Q44. I have noticed when Q 44 completes the Duration time for Q45 stops on a green 0.0. After the down fade completes...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by oovis on 03-23-2010
    Filed under: Time, Cue Lists, preheat, Displays
  • Macro doing not what is programmed into it

    Hello, I have written a macro in Offline 1.9.6 to do the following Goto Cue 0.5 Time 3 Wait 3.5 Sub 1 Thru 61 Home If I run the macro without the wait 3.5 it does what I expect but with the wait in there it homes channels 1 thru 61, not sub 1 thru 61. Is this a known issue? 91 pages of results pop up...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by oovis on 03-28-2011
    Filed under: Time, macro, bugs
  • fan delay by group...

    I'm trying to work out the best way to fan delay times across a system of Nemos focused in a grid across a giant projection surface. Lights are focused as follows: X X X X (4 units) X X X X X X X (7 units) X X X X X X X (7 units) X X X X (4 units) I have individual control of each fixture (X). I'd...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by mcs on 02-05-2012
    Filed under: Time, Fan, delay problem
  • Re: Busking w/ Moving Lights on the Ion

    so what is your syntax for the following: select a group of fixtures and change their color in time 0 and move them in time 6... all in a single command or as few keystrokes as possible? DS for color change and proportional sub for movement? what if i want to change color in different time than position...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by SBC on 05-02-2012
    Filed under: Time, Direct Select, submasters
  • Default time

    I have a few questions for you lovely people which I'll post seperately to allow people to use the subject heading. Is there a way to change the default time on a show which will then change all the times on cues already recorded as default ?
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by davos lamos on 01-27-2009
    Filed under: EOS, Time
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