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  • I Pod Control mit Congo

    Hallo, habe vor kurzen eure Werbung für ION und wahrscheinlich auch für EOS gesehen, für die Controlle per I Pod - I Phone. Bin sehr dran Interressiert für Congo. Ich würde mir sehr wünschen, wenn dies auch für Congo angeboten wird. Technisch sollte es doch kein Problem...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Scholle on 04-17-2009
    Filed under: Congo, Congo Jr., Upgrades, Software, ethernet, phone remote, cRRFU, .NET
  • Re: upgrade code

    LCA, You are not the first person to be confused by "Software Update" vs "Upgrade". Upgrade is where you increase the number of outputs the desk can control. This requires purchasing an upgrade from your ETC Dealer at which time you will receive an upgrade code to unlock additional...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by mfinkpm on 02-28-2009
    Filed under: Congo Jr., Upgrades, Upgrading, Software
  • Congo offline editor compatible with Windows Vista?

    Is the Congo offline editor graphically compatible with Windows Vista? When I open the program the menus display correctly but the live display and any other screens are unreadable, low resolution screens, making the program unusable. Anyone else had this problem and found a work around? Any advice is...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by mibrown on 06-27-2008
    Filed under: Congo Jr., Offline, Software, congo Jr
  • Congo bug

    Hallo, Bei der letztem General Probe, ist mein Kolege mit der Maus in den Browser,Regerenzhandbuch , z.b Preset mehrmaliger doppelten Klick mit der Maus folgendes Problem aufgetaucht. Congo crashed. Manchmal ist es möglich, das Congo eine Fehler Meldung gibt, manchmal aber auch, das Congo fährt in seinen...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Scholle on 02-27-2008
    Filed under: Congo, Software, crash
  • Version 4.3.2 - "Update or not update that is the question"

    Hi all, I have updated my Congo last week to 4.3.2 and it seems to be more stable and bugs fixed, Im personally happy with this new release. My question is, releases are sent out to sort problems and fix bugs so I up date my Congo as soon as these come out, but other people I know wait to see if its...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by cknapper on 09-11-2007
    Filed under: Congo, Thanks, Upgrades, Upgrading, Software
  • Re: Macintosh File Server

    All releases of OSX have had a version of SAMBA built into them, so yes. What you may need to do, however, is alter your samba configuration to allow anonymous logins. You can fidn how to do this by googling it. To set an IP address manually, its in Control Panel > Network, i think. I havent had to...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Arel on 06-21-2007
    Filed under: Mac, Software, ethernet, Networking
  • Re: Congo Avab Question About Joy Stick

    it sounds like he wants to know if the Congo will use a joystick, presumably for intelligent lighting control, (similar to how the MLC16 and similar boards can use a mouse) I'm actually wondering this myself, because joysticks are a great tool for on the fly lighting. I programmed a few chases on...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Arel on 05-21-2007
    Filed under: Congo, Software, moving Lights
  • Congo Jr w/Smartboard

    So, my school has recently begun getting Smartboard units for classrooms in our High School, and i cam to wondering. If we were to setup a training seminar for future lighting techies, has anybody tried using one of these with a Congo Jr console? Is there a way to restore to factory software settings...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Arel on 05-08-2007
    Filed under: Congo Jr., Software
  • Jr. seems sluggish since upgrade - anybody else?

    This maybe entirely my imagination, but since upgrading to the latest software release I've noticed the desk feels a little sluggish. The 'hour glass' appears more often on what should be relatively simple key strokes, particularly the Record+ functions (e.g. Record + Focus). I've yet...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by PDD on 05-03-2007
    Filed under: Congo Jr., Upgrades, Software
  • Re: Strange characters when entering texts?

    If users in the future want to enable multiple keyboard languages on the Congo, will there be a way to enable keyboard switching, or will it only be limited to one keyboard interface? The reason i ask is because i can see a potential important use for keyboard layout switching if you need to switch between...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Arel on 04-21-2007
    Filed under: Software
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