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  • Need help - Newbie

    Greetings All, I am not a lighting professional. I a computer programmer by trade, and a audio/video hobbits. I volunteer at my church to run our lighting system. By watching the tutorials and reading the books I’ve learned how to run the SmartFader ML for our purposes. We currently have 4 Intelligent...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by jalbrecht on 02-26-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade ML, patching, Networking, Smartfader ML
  • Re: Best on-stage remote solution (MIDI?)

    The SF/SFML "GO" button is mapped to Program Change #125. So you can take a Footswitch-to-MIDI converter and program it to send a prog change #125 event on contact closure. Example for a professional MIDI converter: MIDI Solutions F8 http://www.midisolutions.com/prodf8.htm
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by hleiter on 02-12-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade, Smartfade ML, MIDI
  • Control Channel Issues

    On a mac250 (and on plenty of other fixtures) the strobe effect is mixed with the control channel. Is there a way (possibly in the profile) to make it so that when I affect the strobe using the strobe/shutter slider I do not run the risk of resetting and/or lamping off the fixture? TIA! -Chris
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by cleffel on 02-09-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade ML
  • Thanks ETC!

    This afternoon, I arrived home to find a box on my front porch. The shipping label read "ETC". Hmmm. When I opened the box, there was a 1GB SD card and a nice "thank you" card from the folks at ETC thanking me for registering my SFML. This is the first time any manufacturer has ever...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by Adam Mottley on 01-22-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade ML, Thank You
  • New SFML and LED Strip Flickering

    Hello, I just took delivery of a SFML and have a few questions: 1) How often are fixture profiles updated? 2) How are requests for new profiles handled? 3) If an internal profile doesn't work, what is the estimated wait time for profile issues to be resolved? I have verified operation of almost all...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by Adam Mottley on 01-19-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade ML, Help, Device Profiles, DMX Flicker Chauvet colorstrip
  • Re: Downloaded SmartFade ML Software v2.1.0- now LEDs don't work

    Hi Charity, Could you call ETC Technical Support at 1-800-688-4116? Just ask the person who answers the phone for technical support. We're here from 8AM till 5PM US central time. One of the techs can help you trouble shoot your system. Thanks. Durrell Ramer ETC Quotations and Customer Services Manager
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by dramer on 01-12-2009
    Filed under: Smartfade, Smartfade ML
  • Downloaded SmartFade ML Software v2.1.0- now LEDs don't work

    I downloaded SmartFade ML's latest software for my church's SmartFade ML board. Now the intensity for the LEDs no longer work, nor can I control the LED lights via INT DEV 20 -24 faders. The only way I can turn the LED lights off, is to shut the board down. I tried rebooting the board and entering...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by Charity on 01-05-2009
    Filed under: software update, Smartfade ML
  • Software Issues

    I went to update my ML to work with the new beta release software, I downloaded the files and upgraded the software on the board as well as in the computer, now i cannot get the computer to recognize the board. I've tried going in and manually telling it what driver to use but still nothing. I went to...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by CF Lights on 12-11-2008
    Filed under: Smartsoft, upgrade, software update, Smartfade ML, SmartSoft Beta, smartfade ml help, SmartfadeML Software Beta Help
  • How to create: strobe "wave" effect

    Hello... How to create, strobe " wave " effect in 8 moving light. I try to find solution in offset mode, but offset work's only with shape and color parameters. moving light - ROBE Color Spot 250AT console - SmartFade ML ( beta firmware ) Sorry for my english...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by avekamil on 12-06-2008
    Filed under: Smartfade ML, offset
  • Networking?

    Here is my story, I working in an old building where the Smart Fade and Smart Soft are downstairs and I am up the catwalk trying to aim lights. The when i want to aim a separate part of the stage I have to walk downstairs switch the faders and climb back up again. Is there anyway that i can either network...
    Posted to SmartFade & SmartFade ML (Forum) by CF Lights on 10-09-2008
    Filed under: Smartfade ML, SmartSoft Beta, Networking, Help
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