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  • Re: EOS RPU Sync issues

    A- Talked to Shaun at tech support yesterday. The console is set up as master, the RPU as back-up. On the RPU, we found that the windows shell was conflicting with the EOS shell when creating an IP address. We had to log off the EOS shell and go into the windows shell and into the control panel to network...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Sandi Bohle on 01-30-2009
    Filed under: EOS, RPU
  • RPU conflict with Unison

    The set-up we have is an EOS desk, an RPU, an RVI running on Net 2. We also have Unison to run end of show lighting(audience exit while we work on stage). Recently we began to shut off the system at the end of the night(previously we had just left everything on). The shutdown method is first turning...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by AndyK on 09-01-2009
    Filed under: RFR EOS, RPU
  • Eos and Ion Status Displays

    Lately it seems there has been some confusion as to what the different status displays mean. Hopefully this will help. 0284.Eos Status PDF.pdf
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by marmenda on 04-30-2010
    Filed under: EOS, RVI offline, ION, RVI remote video interface ion eos expand, rvi, EOS Set-up, RPU, ION as client, eos ion client offline, Backup, Eos offline, ion console online client MAC OSX, Ion - Client
  • Channels showing errors

    We run and Eos, RPU, Sensor system and our normal configuration is RPU as Master/Primary and Eos as backup with device descovery enabled for Sensor feedback, etc. The Eos was accidentally switched to Client mode recently and every channel patched to a Sensor dimmer was showing an error on the screen...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by hacronymus on 02-17-2011
    Filed under: EOS, RPU, EOS 1.9.6, CEM+, Sensor
  • Ion mirror mode issues

    Hello, I am running an Ion console and I seem to be having an issue with mirror mode. I have an RPU and and RVI and whenever I switch to mirror mode on either device it makes the screens on my Ion console monitors "shrink", for lack of a better word. Is this a resolution type problem? It does...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Kjlove1love on 04-22-2011
    Filed under: ION, Monitor Resolution, rvi, RPU, Displays, Mirror Mode
  • Ion RPU won't boot/connect to console

    Hello, I am a relatively new programmer so please bear with me if this is a stupid question. I am attempting to connect a R V I as an RPU client to my Ion (master.) At present, the RVI won't even boot up much less connect to the console. I have tried it hard-wired into the theatre's network,...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by victoriawren on 06-23-2011
    Filed under: network, RVI offline, ION, RVI remote video interface ion eos expand, RPU, Ion - Client, offline, boot issues, ETC Ion
  • Ion loss of control

    In my space I have an Ion, RPU, and RVI, all running 1.96 software. My console is set up as back up and my RPU is backstage as Master. Strangly enough right in the middle of a show, both my RPU and Ion lost control. I have had intermittent issues such as this but never with my console losing complete...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by Kjlove1love on 11-20-2011
    Filed under: network, ION, RPU, DMX, loss of control, ?
  • RPU Facepanel

    Hi, The facepanel on our RPU isn't working - rendering the unit fairly useless. It doesn't light up, it doesn't show up in the detected modules (firmware upgrade page), and doesn't show up in the face panel test. It does show up in the USB section in device manager (windows control pannel...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by marcusbirkin on 12-22-2011
    Filed under: RPU
  • Keyboard shortcuts

    morn' Y'all I'll ask the question then explain it for those that might like the product. Q: anyone know where I can get a keyboard cover with the shortcuts printed on it? having a list taped to the front of the table and masking tape on the keys for labels has gotten old. Though I'm good...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by jhamil on 02-02-2012
    Filed under: ION, RVI remote video interface ion eos expand, RPU
  • Saving multiple facepanel button configurations

    Is there any way to save multiple facepanel button configurations on an RPU/RVI to a flash drive? On the rental systems that I build, clients typically want either all of the buttons disabled or the buttons that are normally macros/stop/go disabled. Is there currently any way to export both configurations...
    Posted to The Eos (Gio and Ion) Forum (Forum) by BLGranucci on 08-15-2012
    Filed under: rvi, RPU, Facepanel
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