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  • Congo iRFR dropping connection...802.11g router just too old?

    Hi all, be kind to the networking noob-- I just got around to setting up my iPhone as a Congo remote. Am using an old router I had lying around the house, Linksys WRT54G. I keep losing connection: range isn't necessarily the issue, as it's happened when I'm all of three to eight feet away...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Anne S on 04-08-2010
    Filed under: Wireless, Network, Congo, Net 2, iRFR
  • Net3 AIP and sACNview

    Hello everyone, As I am putting together a small network of 6 four ports gateways I had strange result witch AIP and sACNwiew reading. First my gateways version is v3.1.0, my GCE is v2.0.1 and I got v1.2.0 of sACNview. When using an AIP, unused channels on a sacn universe show flickers on sACNview. For...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Serge G on 07-29-2010
    Filed under: sACN Networking, Net 3, Network
  • Net3 2 Port Node

    Hi All, I apologize if this has been covered before, I searched the topics first and didnt find anything... I have a fresh out of the box Net3 2 port node to go along with our new Ion console. I've gone into the Network Settings on the Ion Shell to configure the node, but I'm not having any luck...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by MattGorka on 09-28-2010
    Filed under: Net 3, Network, ion
  • Network slows down after enabling ACN with CEM+ modules

    Hi, I've got a small setup that is working great consisting of: ION console v1. Linksys SD208 10/100 switch Netgear Netgear WPN802 v2 WAP RFR connected via Net3 USB iRFR on iPod Touch v 1.1.42 (through WAP) This setup works great. All are connected via a Linksys SD208 10/100 switch. Both...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Jaylaca on 03-16-2011
    Filed under: sACN Networking, USB, Net 3, Wireless, Network, iRFR, ion, CEM+, Sensor+, configuration, 10/100, rfr
  • Re: Network slows down after enabling ACN with CEM+ modules

    Ok, I upgraded the console to v1. CEM+ Modules are all v3. The switches I am using are unmanaged (not managed) The RFR was an older revision but I used the GCE to update it to v2.07. As of right now my problem is the same. If I unplug the racks from the switch, both my RFR and iRFR...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Jaylaca on 03-21-2011
    Filed under: Network, CEM+, rfr, iRFR Net3
  • Re: Network slows down after enabling ACN with CEM+ modules

    I had re-imaged the ION to v 1.9.6, so everything is running the latest versions. The last I could figure out before my show wrapped was that with StreamingACN and Sensor Rack Feedback enabled in the Ion's Networking setup, it just slowed the network down too much for either the RFR or iRFR (iPod...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Jaylaca on 05-20-2011
    Filed under: Network, ion, CEM+, Sensor+, ACN
  • Ion to Net3 Communication Issue

    In trying to set up my Ion again after receiving it from the shop, I'm unable to get it to fully communicate with my 2-port Net3 Gateway. As far as I can tell, I have all IP addresses assigned correctly: GCE recognizes the node, and I can even remotely flash the LCD screen as well as ping the node's...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by MattWebb on 01-25-2012
    Filed under: net3, DMX, ethernet, Net 3, Network, ion, Node, Gateway
  • 4 port gateway Safety Cable

    Every piece of Theatre equipment has either a safety cable attached or a good spot to attach one. I've got 3 Gateways on various battons none of them have safety cables, nor can I find a decent place to clip or bolt one on. I don't trust the XLR outputs to hold the gateway it in the air, and...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by jhamil on 02-28-2012
    Filed under: DMX, Net 3, Network, Gateway
  • AVB and ACN

    Hi, Is there any anticipated coordination in the networking standards of ACN and AVB or are they destined to be entirely separate? If separate, can they co-exist with ACN devices being non-participatory? Would ETC and/or ESTA consider joining the AVB standard? http://www.avnu.org/ Eugene Palmer Theater...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by eugp on 04-28-2012
    Filed under: ethernet, Net 3, Network, ACN, Show Control
  • Re: Network slows down after enabling ACN with CEM+ modules

    As of the end of my last show I was really only able to trace it back to the the fact that the Ion is not powerful enough (cpu-wise) to handle that much network traffic. I did not get a chance to try upgrading the switches from 10/100 to 1000 based switches. This is a "network bogging down"...
    Posted to Networking Discussions (Forum) by Jaylaca on 05-05-2012
    Filed under: Network, iRFR, ion, rfr
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