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  • Re: Congo Jr. and VL1000T

    Thanks. That's what I suspected. I am familiar enough with the Congo jr. that if I were onsite, I could probably verify function, but as this is coming in an email from the site, I cannot confirm what they are doing directly. It also sounds like it's very similar to the functions on the ION in...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Holztech on 05-19-2009
    Filed under: Congo Jr., moving Lights, VL1000T
  • Congo Jr. and VL1000T

    Hey all- I've got a site with a Congo Jr. and some VL1000T's where they are stating when they use the rotating gobo, they can't ever get them to stop rotating after starting the rotation. As I am not incredibly familiar with either the console or the fixture in question, I was wondering if...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Holztech on 05-18-2009
    Filed under: Congo Jr., moving Lights, VL1000T
  • Re: Inverting Parameters

    hello Roman Congo is not like whole hog for exemple, Invert PAN or invert tilt is only for invert control pan/tilt Wheel, if you want pan= tilt and tilt= pan use swap. So in whole hog if you invert parameter ML, it position move to the opposite position but not with congo, it is like this. I prefer that...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by pilou on 10-03-2007
    Filed under: moving Lights, Templates
  • Re: Lamps moving on on their own...

    Richard, Today I finished my 8 hours of training with Dave of ETC, (on a Congo Jr.). While being trained one of my new MAC 250 Spot Heads, less than 8 months old, began moving to the home postion and then tracking back to its position. The other lights are not having any trouble so I do think it is the...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by mayers on 05-30-2007
    Filed under: Congo Jr., moving Lights
  • Re: Congo Avab Question About Joy Stick

    it sounds like he wants to know if the Congo will use a joystick, presumably for intelligent lighting control, (similar to how the MLC16 and similar boards can use a mouse) I'm actually wondering this myself, because joysticks are a great tool for on the fly lighting. I programmed a few chases on...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by Arel on 05-21-2007
    Filed under: Congo, Software, moving Lights
  • Times on CFB

    Hi all just wondering how many people actualy use a wait on CFB on stagger there movers, I use this quite a lot many on Colour which looks really cool when fading to congo as I stagger each unit in a FAN effect. I have a big dance show next week and will use this loads for a wait on for my side scrollers...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by cknapper on 04-18-2007
    Filed under: programming, moving Lights, Times
  • Changing Dyn Effects

    Hi all, OK I know how to insert a new Dyn effect thats no problem. The question for today is I've got a Dyn for a Mexican wave effect (thats up and down TILT but evenly spread) because we have 3 venues my movers are in different positions. This week most of my movers are hung on the vertical so I...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by cknapper on 04-04-2007
    Filed under: programming, moving Lights, Dyn Effects
  • Invert Pan and Tilt

    Hi all me again, OK I'm having problems inverting my movers on Pan and Tilt, Today I had to start the desk up 3 times for it to recognise my inverts of my movers. Anyone know of any issues or is it my desk playing up. im using 4.2.1 on both my desk and offline editor with WYG it happens on both....
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by cknapper on 04-03-2007
    Filed under: moving Lights
  • Congo V6.02 random value changes during preset playback

    Hi guys, I have been experiencing a problem with my Congo for some time now wherein I will have a preset loaded and sitting static and randomly the console will change values on all my different fixtures attributes. The value changes will be the same for all fixtures of a certain type (ex. Revolutions...
    Posted to The Congo Forum (and Congo jr, too!) (Forum) by khillstrom on 10-27-2009
    Filed under: Congo, moving Lights, Networking, Bugs, Net3, value changes, error, random
  • Presetting Movers Before the Cue

    I know there's a way, after a cue that fades out movers, for the Ion to "look ahead" at the next cue involving movers and preset all non-intensity parameters before the cue where the movers come up again. (This is to avoid having to write a separate cue that does that presetting.) How does...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by MRourke on 03-09-2010
    Filed under: ION, Cues, Moving lights
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