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  • Part of a fader dimming/non-dim

    I was wondering if it is possible to set a fader so that one channel on it does not dim and automatically is a set value and another channel to be dimmable via the fader. just a background on why. I have LED's that have an intensity channel and i want to set that to automatically be full with each...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by enterprise359 on 11-22-2011
    Filed under: faders, LED, Dimming, multiple
  • Utilizing LEDs with multiple sections

    Hi All! We are going to be renting the Chroma-Q Color Force 72s in a few days and have a few questions with utilizing them. With the chroma q you have multiple mode for utilizing them. One of the modes allows to have 12 different sections of different control. When I patched this mode in the offline...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by jross on 01-30-2012
    Filed under: ml controls, LED, control
  • RGBW Zoom LED Problems on Submasters.

    Hello everyone, My school recently purchased some Microh LED MaxZoom Quads. They have RGBW colour mixing and a 10-60 degree zoom. I'm having some issues getting them to work properly on submasters. When I record a look on a sub (say Red and a 60degrees for example) and then put the fader up, the...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by sourcefour36 on 04-26-2012
    Filed under: Element, submasters, LED, Zoom, RGBW
  • Fixture File information

    I've got a show coming up soon for which I've managed to hire in some LED fixtures. Not being in front of the desk at the moment, I have two questions (and the second becomes moot if the answer to the first is yes!) Does anyone know if the Visage LED Block 6, and the MilTec LEDHead EPW have fixture...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by danbutcher on 11-27-2012
    Filed under: Element, LED, fixture, moving head
  • Limitations of the Element

    I am a college student, and my school just got the funding to replace one of our two Expresses with an Element. We also replaced an old dimming rig that couldn't hold a constant dimming level (30 channels) with a 96 channel Sensor3 rack and purchased our first real LEDs (Desire Vivid). I have used...
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by redbassett on 09-15-2013
    Filed under: Element, DMX, client, LED, offline, network, Vivid, Desire, RDM, Sensor3, Net3
  • Chauvet Profiles for Element

    Hello, Our theatre department just bought six Chauvet LED Q-Wash 560s. However, our ETC Element does not have the proper profile. Where can I download one? (I tried writing it myself but it wouldn't work)
    Posted to The Element Forum (Forum) by dpeterle on 04-03-2012
    Filed under: Element, LED, ETC, chauvet, Q-Wash
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