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  • Re: Fire & Ice Fixtures Together

    I was wondering if anyone has explored the idea of a "fixture" library that is a Fire&Ice unit combined into one channel. Letting the console make the best color using all of the led's across both units? Or should I just look at a Vivid-R instead?
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by KevinC_SFBallet on 12-01-2010
    Filed under: ice, selador, fire, LED
  • Seledor Barndoors?

    I am TD for a very large high school outside of Chicago. We demoed the new Seledor Vivid-R fixtures and loved them. My only concern is future accessories. We are looking into purchasing enough fixtures to supplement our side light system in our rep dance plot but I am hesitant to move forward if I will...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by iskweldog on 12-01-2010
    Filed under: vivid, selador, Barndoor, Accessories, LED
  • Re: Vivid-r

    You CAN get a good white wash from Vivid. A great one, in fact. It will do high-quality white light across the whole range of color temperatures, from very warm candle light to harsh cold, bluish white. This is true for both the Vivid-R of the classic Selador strip line as well as the new Desire Vivid...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by robgerlach on 09-21-2011
    Filed under: vivid, selador, LED, Ion, Desire, Lustr
  • Re: What would you do?

    luke.delwiche : I completely agree with your recommendations. This is exactly what we call the hybrid theatre. And I love your analogy of tungsten being the canvas and D40s the paint. Can I quote that sometime? For the cyc, remember that even RGBA is very different than X7 color mixing. (Of course, as...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by robgerlach on 02-24-2012
    Filed under: vivid, selador, lens, LED, color, X7, RGB, RGBA, cyc
  • unit spacing and light distribution

    Hello. We're contemplating switching from fresnel/scroller combos for our stage color wash, to the fire&ice units. When looking at the distribution numbers listed in the "Application Guide: Designing Color Stage Washes" (ie. "potent performance) you suggest a unit spacing of 2...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by georgeg on 02-27-2012
    Filed under: ice, selador, fire, LED
  • Re: Edit presets of a D40

    In Version 1.3 and later the option to snapshot a dmx look into a preset exists. To do so you must be in HSI mode. From there, go to the Light Bulb and select a preset. You should have an option for Save DMX As Preset. This will snapshot it in. This can be found on page 57 of the current manual on the...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by matthewwcarroll on 02-05-2013
    Filed under: LED, D40, D60
  • Re: D60 lenses?

    Hello Paul, The naming of the lenses has changed to be less confusing as to the performance of the optics. Here is a link to the conversion chart for the lenses: http://www.etcconnect.com/docs/docs_downloads/miscdocs/Desire_vs_PAR_EA_revB.pdf I hope this helps. Jim Uphoff
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by jruphoff on 06-06-2013
    Filed under: lens, LED, Desire, D40, D60, Lenses, diffusion, chart
  • LED Lustr+ flicker

    Greetings! I've got some borrowed Source Four LED Lustr+ ellipsoidals with 36° EDLTs, just opened up the boxes to set them up. One, so far, has a wicked flicker that didn't show up immediately: perhaps only 30 minutes into burning it. Using Quick Setup 'Stage': testing the fixture...
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by Anne S on 02-14-2014
    Filed under: LED, Lustr
  • THD and PF of Selador Series?

    What is the worst-case THD of the Seldor Series across its dimming range? What is the worst-case PF across its dimming range? Thanks!
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by Mike Olson on 12-10-2010
    Filed under: LED
  • Import Selador Desire for Congo

    Hi Need some help to import selador desire D40 templates into the congo library. Laurent (France)
    Posted to Selador Series (Forum) by Laurent Berthomieux on 05-13-2012
    Filed under: selador, LED, console, Desire, Lustr
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