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  • Re: Express Console Freezing/Losing DMX

    It's possible that your external power supply is starting to go south. When the power drops below a certain point, the console could conceivably freeze up and require a reboot. If you have access to another power supply to test this theory, I'd suggest trying that. Otherwise, the usual suggestions...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by Holztech on 05-20-2009
    Filed under: Express, Technical Services, Intermittent
  • Help Express 250 A/B slider running cues question

    Okay, real quick question. Doing a student one act festival. I have a group that has programmed cues, however due to the amount of time they have to do their tech run, they did not have time to program the time in for the cues. **** director's who were way too anal about every cue for just an hour...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by blackoutgo on 05-08-2009
    Filed under: Express
  • Problem with slider per channel?

    So we have a Express 24/48 and now I was wondering so the board is only allowing me to make 48 channels. Is it that we don't have the software to add more channels to add more channels? Or is it because we have Sliders controlling channels and not submasters/groups and so as we have 48 sliders we...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by John on 04-15-2009
    Filed under: Express, dimmers, channels, sliders
  • Express 48/96 Upgrade?

    Hello, I'm a TD at a public high school. Here's our situation. We have a well-worn, but fully-functional Express 48/96 console that has been around for some time in our current theater. We are having a brand new theater built in the next 2-3 years which will include a brand-new state of the art...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by Jakemembers on 01-07-2009
    Filed under: express 48-96, Express, express'
  • What can you do with ETCNet with an Express board? (Help!)

    I'm primarily looking to see if there was any way that I could write shows on the lighting console and then be able to retrive them in a .shw file on a computer hooked up to the network. What I am trying to do is make the risky buisness of handling shows on 3-1/2in. A: Floppy disks obsolete. If anybody...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by shadowkid92 on 11-30-2008
    Filed under: Express, ETCNet, help, network
  • Thesaurus?

    Hi All, I saw and trained on the ION on Wednesday and ran it on Thursday and Friday. It went alright enough, but not a fast as I could on the trusty expression. I think in time it will make programming even faster, just as soon as I get past the learning curve. Is there a thesaurus to help us learn the...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by spinjim on 10-05-2008
    Filed under: EOS, ION, Express
  • Strange Effects Issue

    Hello All, I'm running an Expres 24/48 with software v3.1. We have two moving lights and a couple scrollers. We are running a few effects cues with the scrollers, but not the moving lights. While stepping back and forth during tech, the moving light channels seem to get stuck in some kind of loop running...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by MikeTR2000 on 06-24-2008
    Filed under: effects, Express, 24/48, 3.1, Intermittent
  • Re: 2 scene or not to scene

    I've run tons of one-off, no rehearsal, shows just from the 24 submasters of the Exp3, or the 20 executor faders+40 executor buttons of the grandMA, or even the 8 faders+virtual masters of the HogII. I cannot fathom running even an I-Cue from a multi-scene preset console. Put the two-scene preset desks...
    Posted to The Eos (and Ion) Forum (Forum) by derekleffew on 06-17-2008
    Filed under: Express, two-scene
  • Personality for Elektralite MY250i

    I would like to create a personality for the Elektralite MY250i. The problem is that the channel assignments in the fixture put Pan Course on 5 and Pan Fine on 14 and the same goes with Tilt Course(6), Tilt Fine(15). Since the editor only allows 16bit channels to be consecutive, is there a way around...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by jpgagnon on 05-23-2008
    Filed under: expression, Expression offline version 3.11 compatibility expression 350 console, Express, Personality
  • Re: Spontanious Fade to Black

    I will add that I have personal experience where a cell phone, placed on top of a fire alarm panel and receiving an incoming call, set the alarms a ringing and a flashing and all sorts of things that I’m glad it was a service call, and not a show call. I can hear through my car radio whenever my cell...
    Posted to Express/Expression/Emphasis and Obsession (Forum) by brucek on 05-13-2008
    Filed under: express 48-96, Express
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