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  • aurora borealis coves

    Has anyone done complex rainbows/ aurora borealis effects on linear coves? I'm just starting to play with the software and can easily get 80% of what I want. But expericence always counts, so I'm hoping for some tips or ideas. Then there are the scripting possibilites. I might even find some money.....
    Posted to Pharos Controls (Forum) by RickR on 12-09-2008
    Filed under: Pharos, Designer, script, effects
  • Can Pharos "capture" or "record" a dmx stream from an outside source?

    If I were to have a extravagant show programmed on a lighting console, say a RoadHog, or a GrandMA, or a Eos, or something... and I wanted to be able to play that show back using triggers on a Pharos box.... without continuing to have the original console attached... How? am I missing something obvious...
    Posted to Pharos Controls (Forum) by DeanBaker on 12-08-2008
    Filed under: Pharos, Designer
  • pharos designer & ESP vision?

    is there anyway to get them to talk to each other? without actually going out through the pharos box, out dmx, then back in via sandnet? has anyone tried? is there a way for pharos to simply capture a dmx stream from another device as a timeline and then play it back via a trigger?
    Posted to Pharos Controls (Forum) by DeanBaker on 12-03-2008
    Filed under: Pharos, Designer
  • cut-n-paste- question/feature request

    in Pharos Designer, is there a means to cut-n-paste the sequence of a fixture or multiple fixtures into other fixtures of the same type at another point on the timeline? on a different time line? what about cut-n-paste of timelines or segments of time lines between files? like an import function? or...
    Posted to Pharos Controls (Forum) by DeanBaker on 09-25-2008
    Filed under: copy, paste, Pharos, Designer
  • Desire color control

    I'm a bit fuzzy on the Desire fixture profiles. V1.9.1 The "Desire D40 Lustr + Direct - Strobe off" doesn't seem to allow for full color control. There is only the normal RGB/HSIT in color presets, but nothing to give the real X7. It acts as if its duplicating the Desires' RGB mode...
    Posted to Mosaic Show Control (Forum) by RickR on 02-07-2012
    Filed under: Designer, Desire, fixture profiles
  • Fixture editor tutorial & 3D simulation

    Hi all, I am about to purchase my first Mosaic controllers but would like to have more information about the fixture editor and 3D simulation first. My project uses 410 custom RGB fixtures in a complex 3D set-up. The white balance of some of the fixtures isn't perfect, e.g some are a bit red-ish...
    Posted to Mosaic Show Control (Forum) by 69morpho on 12-22-2013
    Filed under: Designer, fixture profiles, Mosaic, Fixture editor, 3D
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