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ION Second Display Not Staying Active

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jrotar posted on 04-15-2012 3:33 AM

I've used several different Ions from different rental companies over the past year or so.  This one unit that I receive very often has an odd display issue I can't seem to resolve.

Both monitors are recognized.  When I fully boot the Ion, the primary display will have the tombstones and the secondary will be all gray with the time in the upper corner.  All the other consoles default to tombstones on the primary and cue list on the secondary.  If I open Patch, or double tap any of the display buttons (Effect, Cue, Sub, the Palettes, etc.) it will display on the second monitor, but somehow won't stay "current".  For example, if I double-tap Cue for the cue list, it will display, but if I start cycling through cues (using Go, Back, Go to Cue) the current cue won't be highlighted...the display will show the cue list, but won't "update," and the secondary display will be "stuck."  Like if I open Patch and then go to Live, this "deactivated" Patch screen will stay on the 2nd display until I open another tab, but it will just stay in this "deactivated" and non-updated state.

The only thing I can think of is that I believe this is the one of the very first hardware revisions of the Ion.  It requires the DVI splitter (and I'm using two DVI monitors on the splitter), so I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the splitter.  The other, presumably newer, Ions all have two dedicated DVI ports.  I've updated the software and it hasn't changed the issue.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

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Ion uses a "Tabbed" display, like Eos (and Congo Family).

If you have no tabs on the second screen then it will be blank. Some tabs default to one or the other monitor so that's why Patch pops up over there.

The "Gold" or "Grey" outline is showing which tab is currently selected - Gold means selected, grey unselected.

Hold down the [Tab] key and press the left or right arrow key to move the currently-selected tab to the other screen.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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