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Studio command 700

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dmb182 Posted: 03-26-2012 5:04 PM

I'm having issues  with the studio command personality.  Firstly the intensity at 100 percent is dimmer than what it is at 83 percent.  It's starts getting dimmer at 85.  Also, the color mixing seems strange.  Sat controls the mechanical shutter and there is only one fader (hue) to control color.  Also, once you apply any color it's impossible to get back to a no color light without homing the fixture.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'll be using quite a few during an upcoming show and would hate to have to use another board.


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Is this the High End Systems - Studio Command 700?

What version of SFML and which Library did you use to patch the fixture?

This fixture has inverted multi-function CMY (it's rather weird) and I think it did have some incorrect values in previous versions of the SFML fixture library.

The personality template in the most recent library (v7.5.3, SmartFade ML v3.0.1 or 3.0.2) matches the information we have in the Studio Command 700 user manual.

However, the Control (User 5 fader) attribute can put the fixture into various strange modes, and User 6 affects the colour mixing when non-zero.

From the Library v7.5.3 Fixture Information HTML file:

Studio Command 700 by High End Systems

Smartfade ML Name : Studio Command 700

User Notes:

Ch 10 - When a lamp boost function is used, the shutter must be opened or closed, or channel 14 must be moved outside before a lamp boost can be used again.

Known Issues :

Ch 10 - User manual does not state which end of strobe ranges is fast and which is slow.
Ch 10, 14 - These two channels are fairly complex and interrelated.

Colour Mixing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (0)

DMXFaderSmartfade SlotHomeInvertedColourMix
1 2 Pan 128
2 2 Pan fine 0
3 3 Tilt 128
4 3 Tilt fine 0
5 30 User 6 0
6 4,5 Cyan 255 Yes Colour
7 4,5 Magenta 255 Yes Colour
8 4,5 Yellow 255 Yes Colour
9 21 Zoom 255
10 10 Shutter/Strobe 255
11 1 Intensity fader 0
12 Global time 0
13 47 Macro2 0
14 29 User 5 0
Dev CommandDMXValueTime
Reset 14 64 2
Lamp On 14 84 2
Lamp Off 14 94 2

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yes it is the high end studio command 700.  


I'll go boot up the console, pretty sure i have 3.0 and not 3.0.1 so i'll try and update then and see if problems persist.  i did notice the fixture device buttons on the console don't display the correct color when color mixing so the inverted cmy makes sense there i guess (don't know if that'd be fixable in an update or not?)  but i'll go load it up now and see what i can do.  

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Yes, the update will fix some of your issues. The Intensity one is strange and seems unlikely to be SFML as the console can't do anything 'weird' with that attribute at all - it just fades from 0 to full.

SFML v3.0.0 shipped with library v6.6.5 which had some errata with inverted multi-function CMY fixtures. These were fixed in library 7.5.3, the 'built-in' portion of which is included in v3.0.1 and 3.0.2.

The External Personality Library 7.5.3 does require SFML v3.0.1 or newer so you will need to update the console firmware to get these corrections - both can be downladed from here.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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updates fixed all the issues.  even the dimming one.  thanks for the help! fixture works beautifully now.

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