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Congo Bug?

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Jeremy8989 Posted: 03-24-2012 5:29 AM

After having positioned a few of my movers I go to add some Cyan. As I push the wheel it moves all my movers out of position instead of adding Cyan. It's like the cyan wheel was the tilt wheel. This has happened to me several times since the last update.

Has Anyone else had this problem? 

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Hi Jeremy,

Nope, this is new to us. Which type of console are you using? Are you sure the encoders are actually switching to the color parameters when you press the COLOR key?

Thanks -


Sarah Clausen

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I've noticed in the Full size Congo that if I leave the trackball on Perimeter it will sometimes shift movers out of position when I do other things on the board.  After I position them I put the trackball back into Cursor mode to avoid altering my focus.

J. R. Lidgett Salina Community Theatre
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This is to be expected.

In Parameter mode the trackball is Pan/Tilt, so any accidental nudge of the ball (no matter how tiny) will move the currently-selected fixtures.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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