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Importing and Modifying Cue Lists

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rochem Posted: 03-21-2012 4:44 PM

Hey all,

So i'm afraid that I might already know the answer to this question, but I was hoping someone would have an idea for how I might be able to solve this problem. For my last show, I wrote a bunch of complicated ML Test cue lists so that I could just hit the Go button and all of the MLs in the show would go through a programmed test routine. I made a different list for each fixture type, and every cue is linked and looped back to the beginning.

Now I'd like to import these cue lists into a new show, however the problem is that the channels and patch are now different. For example, if my MLs were channels 601-610 in my last show, now they're something like 350-355 plus 375 or whatever. The fixture profiles are the same, but that's it. Is there any way I can import my old cue list and move all values of a particular channel in a given cue list over to a different channel?

Thanks in advance!

Michael Roche

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I think the Move To in patch will do this for you.  (In Patch) Channel(s) 601 thru 610, Copy To, Copy To (becomes the Move To syntax) 350, Enter.  Console knows you are doing a range move so you list the starting target channel only.

Console moves the patch and profile as well as tracks the values into the new channels throughout the cue list(s).

I just tried this in OLE and it worked for stuff in a single cue list and I think the number of lists is irrelevant. 

Steve B.



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Hey Michael,

You can't do this in one fell swoop, you'll need to:

a) add dummy channels 601-610 into your current showfile with the appropriate fixture type before you merge the checkout list from the old show


b) Move the channels 601-610 to the 350-355 range in the old showfile before merging the list

I have checkout lists that live with my template showfile, and the way I get around the disparate channels is to have a dummy channel for each fixture type (up in the 9000s) and then just [Copy To] that dummy channel to the appropriate channels in the whole list. 

Hope that helps. 


Marc Polimeni

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That worked perfectly. Thanks guys!

Michael Roche

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From me too! Working perfectly!

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