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Setting up Ion Network Help - Client Software - Do I need a Dongle?

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APhamX posted on 03-17-2012 10:50 AM

So I have purchased 3 wnr-2000 v2 and have plugged one into the etcnet port. I have setup a wireless WPA-PSK2 passkey and on the board I enabled rfr wireless. I'm trying to use arfr (sadly it expired before I even got to use it, but will purchase when I know that I have everything setup) and the client software on my osx laptop and windows 7 laptop. However, when I try to connect the client software to the board it says master cannot be found.

Do I have to set the board up as a server? How will I do that?

In my router there are settings for setting up WAN, Static IP and such.

Is there a tutorial on how to do this anywhere?

I read somewhere that you need a dongle, I don't have one and cannot find one. All they gave me when they setup was an empty purple flash drive when they setup the board.

What I have - cat5e patch cable

Ipads for irfr

1 HP Touchpad for arfr

1 OSX Laptop for client

1 Windows 7 Laptop for client

ETC Ion Lightboard connected to an ETCNET port

3 x WNR-2000 v2 Wireless N Routers (They are not connected to the internet)

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The Eos Family Client Dongle is an accessory that you can purchase from your local ETC dealer.
- It's a small, translucent purple USB stick with an internal red LED. It will be detected by Windows as a "HASP" or "Aladdin" device, not a memory stick.

You wil need one of these Client Dongles if you want to have live remote control of the console.

However, if you only need to see what's happening (not control anything) from the Mac/PC, that's known as "Mirror" mode and you don't need a dongle for that.

As to your connection difficulties, my guess (and this is a total guess) is that there is no "route" between the laptop and the console, usually caused by incorrect IP address settings.

Try to "ping" the console from your laptop (see the bottom of that page).
If you can't ping it then you either have no physical connection (check cables/WiFi link status) or your IP settings (laptop, WiFi router or both)

The Wiki contains a lot of general information about setting up and using aRFR/iRFR and Clients, however we cannot offer much specific support as WiFi routers are all different.

Keep on trying till you run out of cake.

ETC Field Service, London

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