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Moving marks

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Heather Richards Posted: 03-15-2012 3:47 PM

Hello all!  I am happily cueing a show with automark on, but expect that we'll be needing to move some marks.  I have not done this before.  Let's say channel 1 comes up in cue 5 and marks in cue 4, but I want it to mark in cue 3.  Do I go into cue 5, use a softkey to turn automark off, select channel one, and type mark cue 3 enter?  And am I hem good to turn automark back on and carry on?  Will cue 5 then have an R and cue 3 an M?  Thanks for any confirmations / help!


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Hi Heather,


If you want this flexibility you will need to turn off automark completely and use manual Referenced Marking. Automark will always mark in the cue immediately before the intensity comes up. If this is just a one off you might want to just disable automark for cue 5, then copy all NiPs of the relevant fixtures into Cue 3 and let them track forward. Remember that these are now hard values in Cue 3 and you'll need to update them if you change the position in Cue 5 later.

If you find this happening a lot I'd go with Referenced Marks as you will have more control over where your marks are.



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My quick  workaround for that would be to set your intensity value in cue 4 to 1%.  The marking will then occur in cue 3.

Cody Swenson

Hale Center Theater Orem

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When you turn AutoMark off in settings, all the marks are preserved and converted into referenced marks.  Quite handy to get the show marked on the first tech pass, and then finesse the marks over runs and previews.

I like to think of marking information as just another attribute attached to a light that's coming up.   So in non-syntax, it's like saying, "I'd like that light to come up in blue, DSL, and I'd like it to mark."  Or maybe more specifically, "I'd like it to mark in cue 3."  So you would go to the cue where the lights turn on in Live, select the channels that mark, and say [Mark] (cue implied) [3], and update.  You could also do the same in blind, but obviously without the update.


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