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D40 lens recommendation for cyclorama lighting

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sk8rs_dad Posted: 02-28-2012 12:55 PM

Reposting from another thread so it doesn't get lost.



Our cyc is 24' x 40' with top and sides having trimmable masking. The top portion is usually masked out of sight so lit area would be 22' x 37'. The motorized batten we use for cyc lighting it is 4' downstage of the cyclorama fabric and can be trimmed as high as 28' (4' above the cyclorama).

Assuming 16 D40s on 2 ft centers:

  1. What is the recommended lensing for full height (floor to ceiling) coverage from each D40?
  2. What is the recommended lensing for half-height coverage with a top and bottom section (aka emulating a ground row from a top hang for naturalistic skies)?


Stage is 32.5' wide x 30'. Battens trimmable to 28'. Assuming a nominal trim height of about 22', my math says 35 degree round lensing is optimal for 15 D40's covering overlapping areas configured as 3 rows of 5 fixtures. True?


Same stage, 4 lanes upstage-downstage with 2 zones per lane with 1 D40 per side per zone. Assuming a nominal trim height of 20', what is the recommended lensing for the near throw and far throw lensing. If it were a Source Four I'd say 50 degrees on the near side and 36 on the far. Since oblong lensing is a possibility maybe it's something other?



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